Motorcycle live @ Birmingham NEC

I’ll try and plan a stroll round the corner on the 29th. Wish Chris a happy milestone!

I’ll probably head up on the Friday, not sure if i’ll drive up or get the train.

Almost forgot about this one! Is the £17.50 ticket the one I need to buy, Sam?
On this page:

changed my mind and going on the Monday (payday)

I plan to make my first visit this year, is it safe to say I should avoid the sat and sun as it would be crammed and aim for a week day??

I’ve never been on a weekend, but the weekdays are pretty crammed. Getting there early’s really good if there’s particular things you want to look at - the crowds build up for the first couple of hours.

I’m going to head up on the final Saturday, will be heading up on the train simply because the train is less than an hour and the cost is minimal.

Ticket prices:
Adult £17.50 (No admin fee)
Adult + Oxford Promotion £20.50 (No admin fee)
Child aged 11 to 16 £7.00 (No admin fee)
Save 10% Off 15+ Adult £15.75 (No admin fee)
Senior Citizen over 65 £11.00 (No admin fee)

There’s extra to pay to park a car, too, but bike parking is free.

Car park is £10 if you pre-order or £12 on the day.

Make sure you secure the bike properly if going by Bike, Bike shows attract Loads of Theifs and they always have tens of bikes go missing over the period of the show.

Shame you no longer have the gixxer, Suzuki offering free tickets

I could apply for some free tickets if anyone wants. I won’t be going myself because Sam cheated on me with his wife!

Edit: just noticed that tickets are non transferable. False alarm :confused:

Is that all tickets? I was hoping to get some free tickets from my usual channels…

Will be going up on the saturday, mostly to see whats on offer for my bike - limited editions seem to be limited items/upgrades available!! :frowning:

I’ve got my ticket, and booked the train. £12 return on Virgin Trains, travel time 50 minutes each way. I’m heading there the second Saturday 5th December.

I’m now having to go the 1st Saturday. Joys moving data centres. :confused:


Do you still have any space for the trip up?

I may not be going now. I’ve got things come up that i can’t get out of for that weekend

@brains_t I still plan on going, if Sam can’t then I could pinch the car off Mrs.B otherwise I’ll bike it.