Motorcycle live @ Birmingham NEC

Tickets go on sale next week, I know its not till November but who fancies it? Im going to go anyway as im bored of the london show as its got worse each year and not done the NEC show in about 10 years!!
Would be good to have a meet up for the show.

I’m up for it but driving as I need to carry stuff back.

Yes, i was planning on Driving too for the same reason, and i will probably be taking my Son too as he loves the Bike shows. :slight_smile:
I will happily take 2 others in my car too if you can get to mine (Not doing the messing around with pick ups this time as that turned into a nightmare for RHRS)

I’m up for going, I just checked the dates and I could go 28/29 Nov or 3/4 Dec

28/29th November would be best for me as it’s Pay Day weekend so will have more money to waste…Sorry, i meant spend wisely

This will be just after my birthday (big 50) so prezzie time :smiley:

It’s sorted then, LB meet and celebreate Chris turning Reeeeeeeeally OLD!!!

Sunday 29th November @ NEC Birmingham :slight_smile:

Thanks (b’stard) you can go off people lol
29 it is, can you get me a ticket when you get yours


Yes course, no problem. They go on sale on the 3rd August so i’ll get them then.There is no prices on the website yet (that i can see) so will let you know the price when i get them

Only price I saw was car parking at £12
Cheers Sam

Sam, I’ll probably drive myself up- I’ll be living 60 miles from the NEC by then.
We should meet up for a drink though.

Cool, definately all meet up, I’ll be the one standing outside the Toilets in the Orange Mankini holding a Pink Rose :slight_smile:

@Chris, yes i saw that too, Parking is the Only thing they have confirmed the Price on!!

I’m not wearing an orange mankini, much prefer day glow green lol

@ChrisB…I’m not wearing an orange mankini, much prefer day glow green lol

Thats so last year!!!

That will be my very busy period in work but I’d love to go. Can I reserve a space in your car? Provisionally?

@ChrisB…I’m not wearing an orange mankini, much prefer day glow green lol

Thats so last year!!!
I’m getting OLD, don’t know what’s 'in fashion ’
How about a nice leopard print lol

Yes thats more like it, Scary Spice Styleee

I’m in too if it’s on 29th and there are still seats in the car. Will ride to your house, no problem with that, and will of course pay my expenses :slight_smile:

And stop posting pictures of my wife!!!

Lol, cool andris the seat is yours :slight_smile:

good shout. I’m going to go on the Friday to avoid some of the crowds