motorcycle license

Hi all, I am going to be taking my full motorcycle license sometime soon and wanted to know some information on it before I go ahead and book it. First thing would be I only have road riding experience of about 6months and this was on a cbt over a year ago. I think I will do alright, although I am not sure if it would be worth me buying a 125 to practice on for a few months prior or not.

I would also like some advise on any instructors which you would recommend in the london area. I am located in Romford, Essex and used The Cardrome to complete my CBT which I found to be alright, but would still like to know some of your opinions on other places.

Thanks for the help :smiley:

I only had a few months riding experience before I took my test and I couldn’t afford to buy a 125, so rented one for the month before my test. It did wonders for my confidence, and because renting ain’t cheap I made sure I rode for at least 4 hours a day… I did my training with Elite, both in Wimbledon where I live and in Wembley. Top guys, but may be a little out the way for you mate…


Theres a motorbike training centre next to johns of romford , That’s who I did my training with and they are very very good , I used them twice for both my test and passed 2nd time , Worth checking them out.

I think the place you mean is this one:,
A little down the road from Johns, opposite the dog track.

I’m not far from their place, always see 'em out and about.

I’m also from Romford, i passed my test about 4 months ago with the academy, theyre brilliant and i’d definatly reccomend them if you want to pass your test soon. I paid £250 for a 2 day couse including the test, however i had more previous riding experience than you. The fee includes the bike hire. The instructors are really good. They also rent bikes out so instead of buying one for yourself, you could always rent for a couple of days just to get used to it.

Before doing my test a couple of years ago I hired a 125 bike from a local firm that was offering 2 weeks for the price of one over the Christmas period. It allowed me to go out every day and practice u turns etc.

I also used cardrome for CBT and a few months later for a 3 day course. i found the instruction on the 3 day course brilliant, much different to CBT as only two learners with an instructor so got really intensive tuition specific to my needs. I was a very nervous and underconfident rider (much of which was attributable to having had a very bad experience with a different riding school) I had Phil and Steve who were fantastic tutors and really helped build my confidence.

ps I dont work for the cardrome !!!

You can Pm me for the name of the school which I think it is best to avoid at all costs.