Motorcycle leathers repair

Hello everyone,

I’m not really sure whether this is allowed or not and if it’s the right place. In case please remove it.

I just wanted to introduce myself more about the business side. I started working on motorcycle leathers a while ago and now offering cleaning and repairs, including re-colouring, alterations, customizations, zip replacement and much more. I can work with all clothing in general.

I needed a career change after working in retail since I’m in the UK and finally came out with this idea of trying to do something I love. I have a passion for motorcycling and love doing trackdays, so I thought this was the best thing to do :grinning:. I have quite a lot of sewing and pattern cutting experience and now fallen in love with leather.

Please take a look at my Facebook page if you want to get an idea about the services I currently offer

Thank you for your time in reading this post.



Good luck with the career change :+1:t2:

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I have some leather trousers I now fit back in (fasting is great)
How much for a zip replacement

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Hi @ranger1, no problem at all. I’m sure a number of us could do with your services after a few whoopsies over the years, I know my Dainese leathers could do with a spruce and the LB logo stitching on!

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Any more thoughts on that community white page of businesses and suppliers?


You mean bring the Directory back?

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Hi Panagiotis,

It’s great that they fit again :grin:

Fly zip replacement usually start from £30, but I could do it for £25 for you. I try to work with YKK zips as much as possible since they are the best, but more expensive though.

Thanks for asking!

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Hi Jay, thanks a lot for approving this post.

I know a few places that make pvc/leather badges if you want for the future.


Thank you nivag :+1:t2:

In a previous life I worked in rucksack and outdoor equipment manufacturing and I endorse this message - although I’ve always been surprised to see Dainese use Optilon and claim Opti are the best.

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I have the opposite problem. Mine could do with some new pocket inserts but are otherwise in perfect condition, it’s just I have to breathe in to close the waist band these days. They must have shrunk in the rain or something.

I’ve looked and can’t see any obvious way of letting them out. It’s probably easier to buy a new pair than fasting :slight_smile:


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They are both very good and of similar quality I would say. As always happens, there are a lot of different opinions when comparing products.

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Altering the waist is not a big deal and far cheaper than buying a new set and the result can actually be very good :+1:

Thanks, you have a new customer. I’ll be in touch soon. :+1:

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Hi all, I’m pleased to resurrect this old thread to report Devid has carried out a very professional repair and alteration on my old Dainese leather pants.

Very satisfied customer here.