motorcycle insurance risk level post code list?

im looking at finding a new place to live, but im not tied dwn to a particular area, and i remember last yr someone had found a website that listed all the post code areas, and the risk level the insurance companies assigned to it, does anyone remember where it was?

You really should have bookmarked it last time you asked;):cool:

i knew i had seen it somewhere

on girlfriends laptop at mo, wasnt sure if it was londonbikers or another biking forum someone had the link for :w00t: cheers

actually, reading that post from the summer, i seem to have a pattern here… new job and home every 6 mths!

wow im in a dont even visit area haha

Might be easier to just get a caravan Steve;):smiley:

Good Luck mate:cool:

not gonna make a lot of difference as they not going to be able to understand you anyway

That such bullsh*t, I live in an F = High Risk but the road next to me is W13 so its E = Low risk!!

Errr, E isn’t low risk A is. E is still high risk, just not F’ing high risk…


Now I know why we get stuffed with high pemiums on the cars despite 10 years + NCB.

haha I know I realised , thought id deleted the post :w00t:

Nice to know that I am in a B area…
mostly due to the amount of firepower kept in my home :smiley: