Motorcycle Instructor's wanted 😊

We are looking for 2 instructor’s, 1 p/time, 1 f/time. Must be experienced and trained to a good level…down trained not a problem.

We are based in West London

To run CBT classes, Will include working some weekends.

Must be patient, have a sense of humour and be passionate about biking to fit into our Team :blush:

If you’re interested send me a pm with your phone number and a bit about yourself.

If you are the sort of instructor that moves students on before they are ready or cuts corners on the syllabus… This is not a job for you :blush:

Or call us on 020 3542 2944

Hi, does your skool teach you how to do burnouts? I had a quick lesson a couple of years ago but never mastered it.

Can you teach me? :smiley:

Hi Terry, what’s the sort of wage you guys make? I’m going to do my advanced riders after tour and then next year do a 4 week course to qualify me as an instructor. I then plan on doing it part time whilst still in the army and in a year or 2 do the 3 week course to qualify me to take direct access courses.

Don’t know why I didn’t think about it before then I’d of put in for redundancy but now I’m going to see out my last 9/10 years

Just keep all your bulk off the seat Ben and your be fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yo Asbo, pm me your number and I’ll tell you your choices of getting trained etc :wink:

I’d pitch in, but it’s hard to imagine a universe in which it’s ok for me to teach people how to ride a motorcycle safely :slight_smile:


Bump :blush:
We now need more Instructors
Pm me if you’re interested