motorcycle instructor course

hi i would like to findout what is needed to become a motorcycle instructor

Try this lot gives plenty of info and prices, costly :slight_smile:



Motorbike InstructorsYou may think that you are the best rider in the world, but not every rider would be suitable to become a motorbike instructor. There are several things that a rider needs to have before they can be considered to become an instructor. They must have a full clean motorbike licence and must have held this licence for at least three years. They must also not have a criminal record. Other aspects to consider would be that a potential instructor must be confident, knowledgeable, patient and responsible and most importantly a good communicator at all levels. To become a qualified motorbike instructor a trainee needs to take and pass two exams. The first one being a 2-day CBT exam and the second one a half-day DAS exam (Direct-Access). Once you have passed both exams you are fully qualified and are able to conduct motorbike tuition. You must then decide whether you wish to work for yourself or join a larger school. If you decide to work for yourself you must bear in mind the quite high initial set-up costs to operate a school. This includes providing a number of roadworthy, maintained and insured motorbikes for all categories, this must include suitable helmets and clothing for potential pupils. You must also have off-road training facilities to enable you to conduct CBT training. Another factor is advertising, telephone and internet costs to establish your school locally. Due to our long experience in motorbike tuition we can assist with information on the setting up of your school. Of course if you decide to work for somebody else, this should already have all been done for you and you would normally be paid an hourly rate or possibly under a franchise agreement. We can look at any potential agreements you are offered to give you the benefit of our experience in this matters. Motorbike Instructor Training | Becoming a Motorbike Instructor | CBT Courses | DAS Courses | Motorbike Instructors Exams | Prices | Contact us

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thanx steve im checking it out

best way forward is to find your local bike school and see if they wil take you on part time as a trainiee, they proberly wont pay you but you should get good training and an insite into what being an instructor is all about. taking a short course is not always the best way forward and wont prepare you for the real world job of instructing

I know that Keith will be able to assist you with this