Motorcycle down on Friday night ARCHWAY

Not sure if this is the right thread or not, so can a mod move if its not please (sorry)

I’ve been really busy so haven’t been able to get on soone, coming back from a ride on Friday night and saw what looked to be a blue Suzuki - orange wheels (5/600cc maybe, maybe more) I couldn’t work out what bike it was but the police where already there and no sign of a rider. The bike was a mess, literally looked like a frame with some scraps thrown around it, tank/wheels/forks/engine bars where all on various parts of the road pavement,

Looked like he was going a little too fast up holloway road towards archway as there was a nice long skid mark and his bike was mounted (wrapped) around a lamppost. Right outside KFC.

I’ve tried googling it today, couldn’t see anything and nothing on here so I hope whoever it was, is ok…

Ride safe people.