Motorcycle Commuting Security Survey

Posting for a friend.

Hi all. I am a design student in my final year and i am designing a docking system for City’s in the UK to reduce the crazy rise in bike theft. As a biker myself i have had to stop commuting because of this, its just to risky and my Almax chain is just to heavy to transport. If you have time i would much appreciate if you could answer a few questions on the link provided.
Your answers are completely Anonymous.
This is just for my background research from real London Bikers. Many thanks


I suggested a docking station where by you can become a member and receive a unique pin. You can then wheel your bike back into it and a huge metal clasp will lock around your rear wheel. So you don’t need to lug a chain.

how about spelling commuters properly or are we cummuters?

Boris the problem here is not designing a docking station, but in getting someone to pay for it.

Good solutions already exist; look to Westfield White City for a good, effective use case.

From Westfield’s perspective visitors come to spend a fair deal of money so it pays off to keep owner’s bikes safe but the consequential impacts of having yobs turn up in scooters scaring off other customers is probably why that is really happening. It’s a bit of a broken windows theory. If scooter gangs turn up and start ripping people off in westfield, it looses it’s image and the richest people shop elsewhere first.

For practically anywhere else in London I don’t think councils care enough. Sure people might be deterred from using their bikes as you have, but who is going to move elsewhere for a job? It would be easy for councils to build lockers similar to what you see in Westfield, but there are other priorities in the budget.

Anyway, all the best with your project and I’ll fill in your survey

I asked on this forum a couple of years ago if people would be interested in dedicated motor cycle parking with lockers, something to chain to and an option of membership, as at the time there was a parcel of land I knew of in central London. The response on here was overwhelming , no interest at all, none.

@yourebarred issue was a couple of years ago bike crime was not as rife. 'I’m sure if you asked the question again the answers would be different.

Supply and demand isn’t it. I’m really lucky to have secure underground parking where I work. However if I were to go elsewhere and lose that I would defo be having a long hard think about commuting by bike.

Fill this in, but if I’m honest really see only 1 relevant question in the whole thing. Actually maybe 2.