Motorcycle Clothing and accessories for sale

Too many to list.

Products range from Oxford (Little bleeder, tax disc holders, piston valve caps, clocks for handlebars etc), Starcom digital, Scotoilers, jackets, trousers, gloves, sidi boots, helmets, Osram night racer bulbs, Shoei helmet spares etc.

Boots, trousers, gloves, helmets are all in limited sizes and colours. Make sure you know your sizes please.

All new and boxed. All legal.

If you are in the market for anything at all it might be a good idea to PM me with what you require and I will get back to you with prices (all will be less than RRP) and if I actually have it.

Can deliver to Ace, BM, Blackheath, meet up somewhere etc.

Postage will be extra but would prefer meet up as the savings will be better for you and saves me time and effort posting etc

Currently only advertised on this site for site members.

Anything that cannot sell here will be e-bayed for as much as I can get.
You lot get first dibs :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Oh, forgot to add - am making a list ATM but you can still ask. I might have what you seek :slight_smile:

Jackie is looking for some size 8 boots. Male or female she will not be fussed. Will need to be low cut, touring boots or the like though.

I knew I should have bid on some womens clothing and boots but sadly I didn’t and as a single male was not familiar with sizes etc.

Boots I have are:

Sidi Cobra 44, 44 and 45
Sidi B2 Goretex Black 43
Sidi Stivali 42 (black)

You went to Tooting didn’t you :wink:

Yeah :slight_smile:

You guys can reap the rewards. Only want my money back plus some as I have bills etc.

I was going to go, my lil cuz works there but I’ve never been before and would’ve felt a nob :blink:

Nah, I have never been either and had to borrow cash (which I have to pay back:ermm:) and car.
Auctioneer was a woman with her daughter by her side. There were people coming in to buy just a couple of bits and others (dealers, garage owners etc) who were there all day.
Very relaxed atmosphere but a long cold day.
You have to do research on prices and know when to stop.

Thanks. 43 is what she is wearing, but doubt any of those are the style of boot she is after.

Ok, no problem.

I have a list compiled in TXT format so if anyone is interested PM me your e-mail and I will send as an attachment.

What’s all this about Tooting auctions? Can anyone go or is it really for trade?

Wouldn’t mind that txt file, cheers

Looking for a Rigby and Peller bra and pantie set, what have you got?

For £15? Good luck boy-o

joe, why don’t you put the text file on here?

Can you bring the sidi B2’s down to BM soon please and I’ll maybe have them off you as long as they fit!

scratch that, bought new ones today