Motorcycle bays in council run car parks

At Waltham Cross just down the road from us there’s a car park, apparently run by the council, with the usual pay and display tickets. There are three motorcycle spaces there as well.

As gridgirl and I pulled up a guy approached and asked whether we pay when we use the bay. We said no. He then said that he worked for the councils parking department and technically we should buy a ticket. He went on to point out that he wasnt an enforcement officer and in fact was a biker himself and was interested in our opinion as to why we thought we shouldnt pay. Obviously we mentioned that a ticket stuck to the bikes was gonna be either blown away or yanked off by a passing moron before we’d even got out of the car park. What was intesting tho was that he said his boss (Parking Department at Broxbourne council) is very “anti bike” and is convinced that motorcycles should pay the same rate as a car as we get the same benefit, ie a place to park. I argued the point that as you could get at least four bikes in a space that would fit only one car, if we paid at all, we should pay a proportionate amount! The council guy said his boss doesnt see it that way so I replied that if the government see it that way - meaning that bikes are charged less in road tax but have the same benfits of using the roads - then why should his boss think differently.

So, what do you do when you park your bike in a car park, especially as many dont even have spaces for bikes?


PS Thumbs up to the planners at Enfield Town tho. The area is being redeveloped and now has a free motorcycle bay that will accomodate about 10 bikes, right in the town centre.

His boss sounds like a pen-pushing ass.

Last time i was at the same car park in Windsor i am sure it actually said “No Motorbikes”

Cna’t we sue under the descrimition Act?
As long as we are willing to pay, it is illegal for them to refuse us usage of commercial facility ulless they can prove that this will be breaching health and safety…
Let’s fine all those and just turn up, get refuse entry, and just start legal action. Once one get done theyh will all line up to avoid the cost of compensation.

Oh thanks Jay,

That was what I was going to say…now I’ve got nothing to add to this conversation.

I reckon his boss should be hunted down and strapped to my front fairing on a really slippery wet traffic-angry day whilst wearing NO protective gear after a really lousy day in the office. See how long he feels like giving money to a psychotically car biased government after that…

I think its time we went to all the car parks run by broxbourne council take up all the car parking spaces remove our plates and dont purchase a ticket!

You first.

they cant do anything though can they? Without a plate they cant issue a ticket.

They could just read your tax disc though - sneaky gits…

Although a massed invasion of plateless bikes all queing to pay for a ticket in small change might work better - especially on a busy day when we all filter past the cars and park and then when asked we tell them to speak to the council…

Great idea. Everyone bring your 1p coins with you please to pay for a £5 full day ticket

It’s been done - on the Dartford Corssing and MAG set something up to annoy BP too.

We’d just need to check the minimum coin size accepted and turn up and pay for parking…

I had to go out there a few months ago so sent the council an e-mail to check the regs and they came back quickly advising that in certain car parks there are specific bike bays and do not require tickets. Need to check with the council but not as bad as they seem.