Motorcross Gear????

Am getting a nice payout from accident had while ago and want to get a off road bike thinking Kawasaki KMX250 or Honda CR250 but duno what protective gear to get…

Already have Knox Body Armour for top half with jersey but would like to know what bottoms, boots, gloves and helmets good to get…
Also any tips any avid riders can give me as havent been offroad since was a kid

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there aren’t that many off-road riders on LB at the moment.

Most people would go for some nice strong boots, like these (image link)-

TCX Pro 2

Helmet :
Go for relatively something light and well ventilated - as most motocross helmets are. Models like the Shoei Hornet or Arai XD (IIRC) are meant for both street and dirt riding, but true off road helmets, most of which won’t offer the same level of protection as road helmets, are made to accommodate the different riding style required. It is often a more physically demanding type of riding, so ventilation is a major concern. As usual, for the most part, the more money you spend, the better quality protection and ventilation. It seems to me that motocross helmets are more fashionable than street lids and ‘last year’s’ designs can often be found at a vast saving.
Something like this (Arai VX3 - Pro) would be my dream model (but Fox or Airoh do some sweet lids):

Don’t forget you might want to consider a neck brace if you’re really going to go for it!

Bottoms :
You can buy similar protection that you have for the upper body. Some extra padded ‘briefs’:
Google image search
and some knee braces (another search):

Asterisk Cell braces seem to be top of the line, they certainly are in price (£485/ pair!):

Trousers & Gloves :
Keep them light and comfortable. Leather isn’t really required off-road.

If I were you, I’d find a more dedicated off-road/ motocross forum and look for some second hand, tried and trusted gear to use first, then if you really get into it, look at purchasing new stuff. Remember also, that if you are riding to the off-road area, you might want to consider alternative gear.

I have similar boots to the ones above, although branded Oxtar from before the name change. Get as much ankle support as you can and a good stiff sole for kick starting.

It’s worth pointing out that a lot of motocross boots have smooth soles, which if you’re doing enduro or trail riding will have you slipping on your arse a lot. It’s been a while since I was buying, but at the time the Alpinestars tech series was a top mx boot, but I had the Vector which is more comfortable but not what you’d see in world champs MX.

If you need all the kit, you can’t go wrong with Fox and you sometimes see full package deals from epople like MX1.

Happy off roading

Ghostbikes have lots of budget MX stuff