Motorbikes in Bus Lanes

Just caught something on BBC news this morning about more bus lanes being opened up to motorbikes as it reduces accidents and congestion, no **** sherlock.

Didn’t see the whole piece as it was on just as I switched the tv on, good news though, makes Ealing council’s decision last year look pretty stupid, hopefully they’ll now be pressured to reverse their decision along with Islington and some of the other councils who seem determined to keep bikes out of the bus lanes for no good reason.

@BBCTomEdwards via Twitter Westminster council starts trial to allow motorbikes & scooters in its bus lanes. #Tfl recently allowed them in its bus lanes.

Yeah, just caught it again on the news, its Westminster supposedly opening all bus lanes, not just tfl controlled ones, about bloody time.

This is good news.

Do you think i will be able to get the money back i paid for my buslane fine last year? :w00t:

Just woke up and I’m glad this thread is one of the first ones I came across as its perked me up.

what money making scheme are they hiding behind this smoke screen??? this is the thought that went through my mind…

You can use the bus lanes to get to all their pay by phone motorbike bays :stuck_out_tongue:

Such a synical mind :slight_smile:

Had too many issues with riding in bus lanes to go on one again. Far too many drivers are not aware of bikes in there and just cut across or into them without looking.

You have to stay frosty, look at gaps in traffic at junctions, etc…safer than filtering on outside lane imho…glad common sense seems to be prevailing.

Oh yeah that I except just not the que jumping retard who doesn’t look

It’s Westminster Council… they’ll probably charge us to use the bus lanes.

IIRC that’s why Ealing stopped us using them, accident numbers went through the roof, which meant so did congestion.

Why is Ealing so different to the rest of the world?

Yeah, I have to say, using the bus lane up and down Finchley Road every day, I can’t remember the last time anyone cut across/darted into the bus lane and caused any problems.

As far as I was aware accident numbers didn’t increase, I think a couple of cyclists got knocked off with no motorbikes anywhere near = increase in bus lane accidents = motorbikes must have caused the problem.

Here’s the full release from Westminster Council. The three-week consultation starts on March 6 and they’ve identified roads for the trial to take place on.

I see they’re forming a group which will include motorcycle representatives. Perhaps LB should ask to have a voice there?

Ealing used accidents between cyclists and cars to justify excluding motorcycles from Bus Lanes. Absolutly no connection between bikes and accidents was established, but Ealing chose to assume a connection.

Am I right it saying its only bus lans with red lines it that we can use?

Yellow lines then bikes are not allowed in?