Motorbikes banned in Lagos

The state governor has banned “Commercial” motorbikes from the main roads connecting the Islands in Lagos. Anyone want to join a “NotoBikeBans” campaign of civil disobedience?

We could ride round a roundabout and make lots of noise in the mornings, but best be on our way before the police turn up to shoot us :w00t:


I don’t think that bikes are a problem.

The ‘flyovers’ connecting Lagos are always jammed with 30 year old vans ,bashed to buggery, no lights at all (daylight MOT?), painted yellow with a tarbrush and full to the brim with unlucky passengers sweltering in the jam.

Imagine the Westway but 10 times as long with a permanent traffic jam.

But the ‘bus’ drivers are a dangerous lot and there are frequent fights between them and the Police so I guess the mayor doesn’t want to upset them - better to kick the bikers… sound familiar?


You slating the Danfo drivers? You’re clearly not a Mad Melon :stuck_out_tongue:

Lagos music at it’s best :smiley:

So things haven’t changed since 1982 when I went there with the family as a kid :smiley:

This probaly sums it up then :smiley:

I like Triang’s suggestion that they have an MOT:P


I ain’t messing with them…:w00t:


i go once or twice a year to see my old man and take it in my stride…

Catchy tune…I like that :smiley:

When I left in 2005, that was * the tune* for me a few mates - we all now have paintings of a Lagos street scene with lots of Danfos…much respect to the guys that drive them all day - less so the owners who are too tight to properly service them.

Sadly, 40 died two weeks ago on said bridge when 2 Danfos were caught up in a ball of fire…:angry: That’s the thing with Lagos in my experience, a wonderful place that constantly scares the **** of you.