Motorbike Test

I was working this morning and something came on the radio regarding changes to the motorbike test to obviously make it a lot harder , I didn’t really get to listen to the radio properly , Im just asking if anyone heard the radio today or website informing about the new changes?

Click the Linky for the main DSA info.

Basically for the new test you have to do off road manoeuvres followed by the on road riding part of the test. For the off road bit you have to do slaloms, u-turns, figure of eights, emergency stop etc. I took my test recently in Enfield and they have already built a compound for the off road bit.

Oh, and it will cost more :pinch:

Thanks Clive , Thank god I did my motorbike test last year , Well another 11 months until I can get my 600cc , would love to get either the Suzuki GSXR 600 or Honda cbr rr .

Honda CBR 600 RR every time! :slight_smile:

What rubbish, Gsxr600 everytime, any K series, looks better, goes faster, and your not labelled with the grandad Honda owners label, go into one of their dealers you soon get the feeling your not worthy.

I do make an exception for the Blades, they are lovely bikes.