Motorbike stand - any reccomendation?

I am far, far too lazy on my chain care.  I do 250+ miles a week and barely check once a month or less as I work long hours, then when I get home will need to get a neighbour around to balance the bike while I do the chain.

What I should do is get a cheap paddock stand and just stop making excuses and get into the habit of cleaning / oiling much more often.

On which point, does anyone reccomend a cheap stand?  And do I need to look out for anything?  I assume I can just pick up something like this:

But from experience it is always worth asking people who know what they are doing in case there is something fundamental and stupid I am missing.

Abba Stands are great

Not sure they fit the ‘cheap’ part of the brief though… You’re looking at £160 for both front and rear (I did it for my old Suzuki - other models may vary). From memory I spent close to £35 for both front and rear paddock and still have them 7 years on. Although not really used them in past 3 years as the KTM as a centre stand.

The only thing I would look for is to see if you can get a paddock with both the ‘platform’ style adaptors and the hooks. If you can add the bobbins to your bike, the hooks make it easier and more secure. The one you have linked, the platform is open ended - I would prefer something that has three sides to it, might make it easier to align and get right (feel more secure)

As always, with paddocks the first few times are tricky, especially if you’re trying to bring the bike level one handed. But you get used to it very quickly (just don’t get too cocky). First times you can use a block of wood under stand to straighten it a bit…

For cleaning I use this Ryde Motorcycle Tyre Spinner - Silver

That looks perfect cheers!

That looks perfect cheers!
For a similar price, you can buy a paddock stand... its much easier...and you can clean the calipers too... a bit of DIY goes a long way..
For cleaning I use this Ryde Motorcycle Tyre Spinner - Silver Bigty
Never used one but how freely does the wheel spin on it? I suspect it's not as freely as when it's off the ground. When re-lubing chain, the method I was shown at OMC was to spin the wheel and then spray at the point where chain hits the sprocket... keep spinning with one hand to keep speed up and very quickly you have an evenly lubed chain :)

Aany cheap paddock stand will hold your bike up. However when you’re under the bike and the wind causes the stand to wobble, you’ll wish you bought something more substantial. I’ve got a Harris stand I bought locally from ebay for about £30 which is super strong. 

can you use a paddock stand on your bike ?
can you fit bobbins ?
is there sufficent room to use the pads if not ?

do you have a solid surface to use a paddock stand on ?

No idea.  How does one tell?  (Seriously!  That is why I would rather ask her, I am still new to biking and have gaps in my knowledge.)

As above

I have loads of room.  Will work on the driveway, so flat concrete with loads of room.

As regards bobbins, I imagine so.  Standard 2012 Hornet, I will check tonight.

With a 2012 hornet, the answer is yes - even if I don’t know, I’d take a wager there is a paddock that suits and that R&G have bobbins for that bike. It is one of the better sold models.

Probably advisable to have a friend nearby the first time just in case you lose control.

My GSR had a rear hand rail which was very convenient for getting the bike upright with one hand, while using the other to position the paddock…

Don’t buy the Oxford Self assembly one. It flexes like hell. I had one of them then upgraded to a Motrax one like this which is the business.

That said the spinner linked above looks like a useful thing to have too.

It a little tough to spin but I put a used bit off Amazon’s finest cardboard between the wheel and chain so I don’t get any lube on the tire

you’ll get what you pay for. I had one of those ones and it was flimsy. Did the job but always felt it was going to fall over.

now I have an Oxford one (given to me by an LBer) which is solid as and I’m much happier with it.

this is the one I have

Reading around and from the gist here it looks easiest if I get a front support as well?

Wheel the bike into the front wheel holder to keep it upright, then insert rear holder and lift bike onto that.

I always first lifted the rear and then the front… The swingarm / rear bobbins always seemed to be more stable to lift than the front

lift rear then front 

Just realised he prob means something like this - sorry for pic size… can’t resize? 

Never needed it but I can see how it can add piece of mind… You’d still need a front paddock stand to lift the front wheel so (for me), I’d rather not and just lift carefully!