Motorbike robbery

A friend of a friend got robbed of his motorbike in Lewisham the other day. He was waiting at the traffic lights when two sc*m bags jumped at him and forced him off his bike. One had a knife and the other a gun :crazy: I remember this happening to a few bikers during the London riots… Let’s hope it’s not a new trend…

Be safe out there guys :kiss:

omg thats awful!

I seem to remember something like this happening a couple of years ago in lee green rare but not so new im afraid , i tend to get to make sure i got a clear passage , stay in gear a be aware of what going on around me when im stationary once had to do redlight an have it on me toes after a couple of guys in the car behind me got out an started to approach me i wasn’t hanging around to see what they wanted that was on lower road se16.

Sounds terrible…Why can’t these people just go and work if they want something rather than rob people.

Scum the lot of them.

As already said, make sure you keep an eye open when stopping at junctions and traffic lights.


Hope they’re OK.

I don’t really know lewisham but was it a dodgy area/late at night?

i did a driving course with work a few years ago where they recomended TOT - Tyres On Tarmac, basically make sure you leave enough between you and the car in front so you can see their rear tyres on the road and therefore you have enough space to manoeuvre out of trouble in an emergency. I never really do it because on my typical ride I’d get 3 mopeds and a white van trying to jam themselves in the gap but it might be worth considering on quieter roads.

Lewisham is as dodgy as any other area in London. This happened in the late afternoon on Saturday, at the traffic lights next to Tesco, so I assume plenty of traffic and people around. The comments are all valid and I’m always in 1st gear, ready to move away but I’m not sure I would have sped off on my bike whilst someone was aiming a gun at me :ermm:

Anyhow, the intention of the thread was to warn you lot that the thieving sc*m is getting worse.

Very sorry to hear this.

What type/age/colour of bike was it?

Not knowing if the sc*m bags were on drugs or not, I’d just let them take the bike, especially if they’ve got a firearm - that’s what insurance is for. Hope your mate’s ok. This Country is getting more like the wild west by the week…

Does insurance cover this? I recall someone posting a similar incident a while ago and insurance were arguing that the key was in the ignition so insurance is void :confused:

Sorry to hear about your mate btw. Hope they get everything sorted out soon.

sh1t! i would have done the same and let them have the bike… its not worth it. but i am curious if insurance would pay out or not??

I’ve always got my keyfob in my pocket that I can use to cut out and immobilise the engine as long as I do it before they are 100-150m out of range its all good.

dont think you can do that when the engine is running

dont think you can do that when the engine is running

time you guys moved, and we can call it the SW London/Surrey bikers… :laugh: :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

Yeah I can… I’ve disabled remote start because I think its just stupid but I’ve kept the engine kill function. I’ve tried it.

So they threaten you with a gun, you get off the bike, they ride off, you kill the engine with your keyfob, you’re all smug thinking you’ve stopped them, they’re 100 yards away and still have a gun…so what happens next?

You wait for Chuck Norris…

In most cases they would probably panic and drop it and run but I don’t think you’d want to take that chance…

How much is one of those funky devices?

thats a gd point…

you offer to help them push it ?