Motorbike restrictions??

Hey everybody,

thought I’d ask here what’s the deal with the different power of the same bikes. For instance the 2009 zx6r dyno’ed on puts out 105.87hp and on other sites it says its got 128hp/134hp(RAM air mode). Does this got anything to do with the sea level or country restrictions?

Dynos are likely to measure at the rear wheel. Factories like to publish figures from the crank. There is a huge difference. The rear wheel is what moves you on the road so the factory figure is pretty irrelevant.

so if I’d b buying the same zx6r 09’ from one seller I shouldn’t be worried that somewhere else there’s the same STOCK bike which has more power?

Unless they have been measured the same way at the same output (wheel/shaft) you don’t know which has more power.

now I’m confused lol :hehe:

Exactly! BHP figures are meaningless unless you know how they are measured, and where the power output is being measured. Manufacturers claims of BHP are usually using the best possible combination and mean nothing on the road (or track). You are right to be confused.