motorbike problems.

When I start the bike - whether its from hot or cold. Its over revving. When I am on it and I let go of the throttle it is still over revving and then settling down.

Its going when I start it and am not touching anything. I’m unsure about motorcycles so any help will be appreciated.

Also whether or not its related I dont know. - but when the engine is turned off. Its pinking fast and then slower and slower until eventually stopping.

Once again any help…

maybe someone could come round and here the noise and maybe fix or just say whats wrong with it.

I’m sure it’s just automatic choke doing it’s job and nothing to worry about…(unless it’s revving really hight at 3000rpm)

and the ‘pinking’ is just the engine and exhaust cooling

PS. What bike is it?

its a lexmoto tornado 125

once the reving settles tho it speeds up again and settles and so on

How old is it? when was it last serviced?

its a 2012 408miles not yet been serviced

I’m sure it’s nothing serious but take it to the dealer ASAP and have them sort it out - they’ll have to do it for free as it’s under warranty.

I’d bet on throttle position sensor.

spoke to them and as i bought it second hand with only 296miles the 10 months warranty left is void…

That is nonsense…the warranty is still valid. Did the person you bought it from give you the original service log and purchase receipt?

when i bough the bike it was running fine…

i have the service book yes i could maybe ask for the recepit…

i could get the receipt and i have a service booklet and a operating manual…

the warranty is attached to the vehicle and not the owner - so, providing that you have not carried out any unauthorised repairs/modifications or missed a service or in some other way voided the warranty it is still valid.

You can ring Citizens Advice on 08444 111 444 and they’ll confirm this - then ring the dealer and have a go at them, also ring the Lexmoto UK and complain about the dealer’s conduct.

PS. Which dealer are you dealing with?

i called cab this morning and they said there isnt much really i could do, im not using anyone yet. the local one is R.T.B Harlington Road. i been in there and the guy seems kinda cool but i still dont know if im gonna be charged or not…

the dealer who sold the bike is in birmingham i bought the bike second hand but i bought it thinking it had warranty… there is a dealer in harlington and also wembly

After only 296 miles, I would be heading for my nearest dealership, regardless of where the bike came from.

done it they wont help i have no legs to stand on. cab wont help fso wont help.

Absolutely! it’s a manufacturer’s warranty and not a dealers warranty.

Sounds like a TPS or map problem…or air could be getting in somewhere. It really needs to go back to a dealer for them to sort it out.