Motorbike needed to be Drawn/photographed at a new possible Meeting/event spot

Who would not want to Draw/photograph a Beautiful motorbike, not just as a one off but semi regularly where the drawing/paintings will be shown at a Private view, 2 days later so we all have time to finish our work. You might even sell something who knows.
The Location is “Containerville” which is a Village of 12m long luxurious and affordable containers where we exhibit at a Barber’s salon and ask other units to keep their doors open. The courtyard in the middle is decking at the ground level with space for outdoor events and outside the gate, you can find the ideal Motorbike space for events on Oval place, with a stage on the square. This is new and has just been completed.
If you have a bike please let us draw/paint/photograph it, if you love bikes would you like to come and draw them with models. If you would like to exhibit drawings or photos or buy any, would you like to find out more? This would be part of an Exhibition called “Wild at Art”.
This Tuesday the 4th is to prepare and draw, Thursday the 6th is the First Thursday of the month Gallery night, we are opposite Vyner street with a huge banner (could also park a bike there) and part of the London Design Festival week from the 15th of September where London will come our way. Anyone who can help us promote this could certainly enjoy the fruits… I am an Artist, photographer, who had a severe motorbike accident years ago, but still loves them and wish to find others like myself who love the Aesthetic of bikes and up to the fashion/music that goes around it. You can find my network easily, its the London Life Drawing Network. Tony

Your not far from work, might be cool to have a painting/photo of the work bike for station