Motorbike Maintenance course

Just enrolled to the Motorbike Maintenance course run by the Hammersmith And Fulham Adult Education Service

No other reason than it looks fun and love to now a bit more about bikes in general.

anyone on here going? (there are 2 places left if anyone is interested)

Oooo, I didn’t know they did one. I might be up for this, I’ll just have a look at the website and see when, where and how much :slight_smile:

Where: The Macbeth Centre,W6 9JJ
When: 10wks - Wends 18:30 - 21:00
Cost: £132 - a lot less than a service :smiley:

hmmm, sounds interesting, ill probably be up for this, although i think its a very basic course so i will probably already know most of the stuff they cover… but will be fun to get my hands greasy… dont get the chance right now since i live in a flat :crying: ah the london life!

What date does it start?

Im 17 and iv spend pritty much all my life learning about motorbike Maintenance, I took my first engine apart and put it back together at the age of 3 (it was a strimmer engine lol) and i learnt it all from my father who`s been in the buisness for 30 years, Now im just learning the basics of tuning.

I wanted to do one of these courses as I know next to nothing about the bike and all.

Going to enroll on the one at Merton College as it is nearer to one of my offices; not so far to get home, and I met the guy who runs the course at GEMS.

They run a Practical Skills course and an Advanced Skills course, both run for 20 weeks and are for two hours on a Wednesday evening.

There are no spaces left at H and F college and the Merton one is too far for me. Has anyone heard of any other courses? I am based in East Finchley so North of the river preferred.

yeah ive not heard of one up here (Herts) although I did look for one a little while ago to try and see what theyd offer.

personally I think you should do one as part of the test learning :slight_smile: or at least be pointed in the direction of one that can be done should you wish to.

id go on one for sure - the more you learn, the more you realise you dont know in my opinion :slight_smile: there’s always gonna be another way of doing something that might help you out one day when you least expect :w00t:

I signed up for similar years back. Only got to half of the classes due to working overseas.

It was good. I wouldn’t take my own engine apart, but it gives you a better idea of what’s going on. Regular maintainence is a doddle.


i was looking into this a while back i’m pretty sure there was a course over in hammersmith also.:wink:

still hunting for one nearer to me in Kent…

if you find one let me know:)

I’ve added myself on the waiting list to Hammesmith & Fulham. There are courses starting every other month so add your name and you’ll eventually get on e come up.

H, let me know if you do this and I’ll sign up for it at the same time :slight_smile:

Try the HotCourses website to search for a course. I’ve signed up to Lambeth

clarks_magic_sack (29/08/2008)

Try the HotCourses website to search for a course. I’ve signed up to Lambeth[/quote] the link is not working think the end maybe missing

Sorry about that, oddly the link in the quotation in Sleepers post does work!

Try this[/quote

Otherwise from here

and search for “motorcycle” in “greater london”