Motorbike Licence

I’ve got a full motorbike licence , Im just wondering if anyone can tell me Im thinking also about learning to ride a car but do I need to apply for a provisional licence for that and does the licence I got for the bike help in any way?

Hi mate - the car license is totally seperate so you will need a provisional etc.

Cheers for confirming that Mark :smiley:

Do you not have provisional for car included on your bike licence ?

I certainly have (although I’ve had my bike licence for 20-odd years)

Need to learn to drive before I’m 40 :frowning:

On my motorbike licence (full) and (pink) it has nothing on it to refer to a provisional car licence , so looks like I’ve got to and apply for provisional car licence fun stuff now it’s just deciding whether to go for auto or do manual and have the option of using both if I pass

nono mate i got my car license b4 my bike licence, and used the same card [pink, full car] for my bike test. having a full bike also includes provisional car!!! [and vice versa for when i was learning to ride]

check your counterpart, i think it will have a box for provisional entitlement

dont apply again!!

and yeah u still gotta do car theory + car practical though [i’d suggest manual, just get it outa the way].

u dont “get” anythign from ur bike license, but what u gain is road experience from using ur bike…hazard percep etc will be useful when ur driving.

Oh ok cheers for the advice mate appreciate it

Ask Elad.

Hes just passed his car licence after about 15 years on a bike licence. He didnt need to do a theory test either. (I think that depends on when you took your bike licence. Youre probably in the clear).

Go to the DVLA site to book a car theory test. When you try to book a test and input your driver number it will tell you if you dont need to take the theory. You can do that for free.

I didn’t know Elad had passed. Congratulations! His good fortune seems ot extend to the weather for his rideout today.

I am surprised that Elad didn’t have to do theory. I had a car license from 1990 which included a full moped license (they used to give them away with car licenses then) and I still had to do the motorcycle theory in 2007. My understanding is that any new category of vehicle (cars/bikes/mopeds/HGVs etc are all different categories) added to your vehicle requires that you have passed the relevant theory test within two years.

As for the old pink licenses, the car one I got in 1990 definitely said at the bottom of the list of categories that it was provisional for all other categories. In law there is only one licence for all vehicles, it is just only valid for the classes indicated as having full entitlement. For all others it is provisional.

Yes, Im the same as you. Have had a car licence since '92 but still had to do the bike theory this year. Doesnt seem to work the other way round though! Dont ask me why…

By the way, that hazard perception test is nuts… Ive passed it and I still dont understand how many times you’re supposed to click the mouse…???

A minefield, makes me glad i passed both mine in the late 70s, think you just had to stay upright for 10 mins to get a full bike licence in those days :slight_smile:
Couldnt be bothered with car lessons at all so bought an old hillman superminx and drove it round london every day for a year prior to my test, then failed !,
so had 1 lesson and passed .:slight_smile:
Not condoning such behavior of course ,but you wouldn’t get away with it these days anyway.
wonder what its all gonna be like in thirty yrs time ?

Surely if you have a full bike license, then you also have a provisional. Before you start training,you must have provisional license before you’re allowed on the road. This provisional allows you to train in a car or ride a bike up to 125. When you get your full licence, you’ve got to send off your provisional along with the pass certificate for practical and theory. When you receive your full license, it should automatically include provisional car entitlement. On the back it should show “A” and a picture of a bike. Below that in lower case letters is your provisional entitllements. On mine, thats “k” and “p” . I think k is car entitlement, not sure about p. But you will need to take a car theory test as well.

The paper part of my license lists the provisional entitlements.

The card itself has some lower case letters -

P is moped - passing a bike test gives full P entitlement (as did passing a car test at one time) otherwise you would need to pass a fresh test to ride a bike restricted to 31mph!

F is agricultural tractor

K is mowing machine!

I also have two obsolete categories -

L is electric vehicles

N is “restricted use” which I think means the old blue invalid three wheelers.

As far as I can see on my license the subordinate categories (mowing machine, tractor, moped, electric and restricted use) are all in lower case. I have a higher category of license for all those categories (car and motorcycle). It looks like the lower case has nothing to do with provisional as I have always had full entitlement on those categories since passing my car test in 1990.

However, I notice that you do need to apply for a special provisional license for minibuses (category D) and lorries under 3.5 tones © if your car license was issued after 1997 which is when they stopped automatically issuing these entitlements to car drivers. Apparently they do additional medical checks before issuing a provisional license for those these days. My license is full for both C and D.

My license now seems to cover me for almost every available category short of HGV and PSV. All I need to get is that elusive road roller (G) and tracked vehicle (H) entitlements for which I currently have provisional …

Ride a car? lol thats a new one