I’m looking for a true bike enthusiast that is passionate about bike safety and diligent about bike maintance to work in London.
Email me at [email protected]


Ok I match all requirements. What are you paying and what do I have to do?

+1 Whats the deal??! I’m ok at riding and brave at turning a spanner, although i am hamfisted:laugh:

seems thatthe things that need doing are the basics. If you own a bike you SHOULD know how to do this yourself. good luck tho

“Because Me Believe…” Typo i assume?

yea I saaw that but didnt want to say anything. Eastern European maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

cant really see people paying for any of that, its basic knowledge when getting a bike.

but if you want to pay me to do it, i can :stuck_out_tongue:

Chief Mechanic is 18 years old:w00t:

Good luck anyways

Let’s not kill off a news business before it has started.

However, I would say - Job section? -