Motorbike discrimination

Hi all,

I would like to get people point of view on the following topic:

How welcome are we in shops, attractions and various other place in London ?

I went over the weekend to the London Eye, to find out that they will not let people onto the wheel if carrying a crash helmet. You are welcome to carry a backbag and blow yourself in the process.

When I asked why, the security guards just told me it’s policy, do bare in mind it is not printed on paper, nor inside the ticket office. I asked how this matter can be reslove and “You have to leave your helmet behind” was the answer. Of course, they have no lockers or cloackroom, so… as a goodwill gesture, the security told me that he will hold my group untill one of us went to Waterloo station and use the luggage lock up.

Same goes with PcWorld and Currys. I was told that I might steal something and hide it in my helmet. Look at the size of a halmet and the size of a computer. I am still laughing about this one. I told them that I was not ready to leave £500.00 worth of helmet at the customer desk, waiting to be scratch or stolen.

A few bars and pubs I’d been in (or try to get in) in central london offer the same excuse. No problem for people with gym bags and large backpack, but for some reasons, a helmet in a bag is against policy.

And a few other companies to be shame later…

E-mail me with list of name of places and companies if any of you had similar experiences.

That’s pretty harsh! The only discrimination I’ve had before is at a petrol-station where I was told I had to remove my helmet. I refused, as it was cold and I didn’t want to go through the whole process of it, so refused, half expecting to be asked to leave, but the cashier did nothing and served me.

I too have been on the London Eye, though when I took a friend on the bike, I was able to leave my helmets behind their helpdesk. This was a year ago though mind, they might have changed things since then.

The basic question in your post is a very good one, I am sure we are discriminated against, even though I’ve probably been lucky myself. MCN are always banging on about how our rights are behind eroded, the usual newspaper sensationalism crap, but if we are being treated badly, then we can get together and hopefully use our community to change things for the better.

You could buy a cheaper crash helmet and lock it to the bike, using a seperate lock if necessary. You shouldn’t have to do that right enough. Alternatively you could put your lid in a shoulder bag thing, the light weight bags you get with a new lid I am talking about. Then it is in a bag which is no different to a sport bag. You could say it is a sport bag, made in the shape of a crash helmet. The fact your wearing leathers is purely coincedence

I always carry my helmet in a bag and I don’t wear leather often. In all occasion, everybody going throught the doors were ask to open bags as a security check. Gym clothes, running shoes and god knows what are fine, but some how not helmets!!!

I had an issue at a petrol station recently when I went to fill up. I stood with the nozzle in my tank pressing the button. After waving at the attendant 3 or 4 times I had to go inside. When I asked him what the issue was he said I needed to remove my lid which, he said I should read the signs. I walked round the forecourt looking but no signs, went back inside and he said it should be common sense. The issue I think is its the little Chavs on Scooters who go in fill up and ride out which in turn gives us a bad name

PS he wasnt happy after I cnunted him off. I know I give Bikers a bad name

That’s bad! i had the petrol station thing before and to me that was enough! i won’t buy petrol there anymore. My money is not good to them! Funny bit was that I was on a brand new gixxer 1000 with more than 1500 quid in brand new gear, why would I still 12 quid in petrol??? hate to be classified! Specially as a thieve

On that note, I’ve been told about a few parking organisations note very kind to us.

National Car Park will make you pay to park in some of their outlet(especially in London).

City center of Oxford.

By Windsor castle, even on pay and display, they will remove your bike.

This is definitly the way forward to promote the image of this country to tourists and foreigners (who happen to travel by motorbike…)

Sorry, but that really hit the spot over the weekend…

I got the same last week, I even had a flip face helmet on at the time. I said jovially that it was a flip face, but he wasn’t amused.

I’ve never had problem with fuelling up but once i went in to pay at my local tesco that i use often a new women shouted at me when walk in with i might add with the front of my helmet up that she would not serve me unless i took my helmet off so i took it off. So then i took so long saying I’ll this and that then changing my mind after she rang them up haha my parting words to her so no one else could hear ( you are not the only one who can be bullish ) then went into tesco store and complained to the manager that she made me feel like a criminal I’ve not seen her there since result i think!!!

Back in the days (when I had my own place) I used to go food shopping on my bike (A weeks worth of food in a 25 Lt Kriega), I was amazed at the number of shops that I couldn’t leave my helmet at customer service’s. Helmet in one hand + basket in the other = No food

As for the petrol station thing, most fuel runners (or what ever you want to call them) are cars. Bikes only account for a very small amount. I really don’t see the need to remove your helmet, I tend to take my gloves off as a signal, but any station that tried to make me take my hemlet off would loose my business. In fact I remember an incident where a car was waiting for the pump, my girlfriend had moved her bike while I paid for it and as I was putting my gloves on the car driver got on the horn!!! I’m sure you can imagine the attention to detail I went though putting my gloves on

My Girlfriend had an incident in a supermarket where she regularly get’s her breakfast. The security guy comes over to her and asks her to remove her helmet, she askes why, “it’s policy”, “well it hasn’t been for the last 3 months I’ve been coming here”, “er”, “I’ll take it off, if you ask me every time you see me”. She left it on, the guy just waves now.

I do think we (as bikers) get looked down upon, especially by people that have no involvement with bikes.

Omg i cant believe that in PCWORLD and London eye.

Tbh honest apart from petrol stations i dont get any hassle, and i always take my lid of anyway except for my local 2 stations as i have made friends with the owner. Unfortunatly no cheap petrol!

Oh and as for food shopping use to get a trolley and push all my gear round while shopping!

Oh and my gym look after my helmet! U guys g2 move 2 bristol…they love bikers here! We get to use the bus lane 2

I think we might just do that, or restrict riding around Scotland!!! LOL

I must say I have had no trouble what so ever doing anything, be it at the petrol station or at the shops. I’ve even used my lid as a basket in waitros in Salisbury!

I guess I have just been really luck and not had any trouble so far.

Bet I will tomorrow now I’ve said that

Have to say bikers definitly are not liked by non bikers. Lets face it, we don’t have a great name, even the little girls like me!

I’ve had hassle in petrol stations and have even been refused entry into some restaurants near Boxhill before! There are a few that have signs outside, “Bikers NOT welcome”!

It’s the whole misbehaving hooligan image we’re portrayed to have, as if!!! Hee hee!

I never had any problems and was never told to take off my lid at the petrol station. I ALWAYS use my helmet as a shopping basket!

I feel I must point out that my helmet is size small and I can’t get a pizza in it

There was a petrol station in Lewisham that wouldn’t turn the pump on unless i removed my lid, which I didn’t do and left to buy petrol elsewhere.

A load of us went to The Broomwood St Pauls Cray ten or so years ago by car and we were turned away because a guy with us turned up on a VFR750 “Sorry no bikers allowed in here” not been back since. Bear in mind that was 10+ years ago so has changed management several times since then.

Thanks for the heads up on the London Eye tho, would never have thought of that being an issue

actually have good experiences with the NCP chain - they do charge but its only £3 for an unlimited time period. They always have spaces, which are normally seperate from the cars (know of people who have had bikes driven to in other carparks) and there are several security guards/good presence. Locking your lid on isn’t as much of a concern in there

Much better than leaving it in street bays - apparently one of my mate’s riding buddies had his blade lifted by 3 guys and a white van in the middle of the day in covent garden this week. Several witnesses, but unlikely that ride will be seen again in one piece…

Get some grief at the clubs sometimes with the lid - bouncers hate 'em. I’m sure they think they’re some sort of weapon but i dont think they realise that i’m not going to ruin a perfectly good xr1000 by wrapping it round a chav’s head…

Trained once in the 3rd space gym on brewer st - they actually have lockable helmet racks in there - was very impressed.

“I do think we (as bikers) get looked down upon, especially by people that have no involvement with bikes.”

Yes, whereas in france, a country/people guilty of most things in my book, we are treated like royalty by the public and the gendarmes are ever so understanding about speeding, wheelies, etc.

i went into hsbc with my flip up lid and was told to take it off immediately so that better identification can be made if anything.