Motorbike Covers

Hi, I know this is a basic question to those who have been riding for some time but I wish to buy a cover for my bike, a Yamaha XVS Dragstar, it’s 7 foot long, I don’t want to pay for ‘a name’ but want a decent protective cover, what are the things to look for in a motorbike cover? :slight_smile:

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this might help

get them most places oxford r good too

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Covers are usually dust proof, shower proof or (completely) water proof, and some are also breathable.
The prices seem to increase as you go, so a thin dust cover that you might use in the garage would be the cheapest option, but will offer next to no weather protection.
I have an Oxford Rainex cover in the bike which I use to cover it while at work and the bike stays dry all day in whatever rain there is, it also has to holes sewn into the front which I can loop a chain through to lock the bike (and the cover).

At home I use a Stormex cover for the bike which is supposed to be more heavy-duty and is certainly much more bulky (it’s lined!). There are reflective strips on it, holes for chains as before and a clip to stop the wind displacing it.
However, I’m not sure it’s breathable as I have returned to the bike a few times only to find a fair bit of condensation where I thought it would be nice and dry. Not really a big deal for me as my ride isn’t exactly a ‘showroom condition’ model.
It performed adequately during the snow though.

You’ll probably need to go for the largest size covers with a cruiser style bike.

Hope this helps.

Go with Garret’s recommendation for a Stormex. Make sure you get the XL size, and also the heat-proof version for your Yammy otherwise you will melt the cover over the front collector pipes or the rear exhausts or anywhere where the chrome is hot after a ride.

I like the Stormex a lot: mine has ports for locking a disclock through the front and a D lock through the rear wheel as well as an underbelly quick snap fastener to prevent the wind from blowing it all away. And it’s completely heat resistant lined so I can throw it on straight after a ride as well as waterproof against the elements (and prying eyes). Prob. one of the best Oxford products out in the market.

Thanks all, given me some ideas there. my ‘Yammy’ (I’m going to start calling it that now!), already started calling my crash helmet a ‘Lid’ or ‘Skid Lid’ without even realising it for some reason, my partner hates me calling it a ‘CRASH’ helmit or a ‘SKID’ lid, anyway, my Yammy is out in the open behing a locked metal fence surround so it sit’s in all weathers. I did’t want to pay for ‘a name’, just wanted a good quailty cover, didn’t enen think about it being heat proof or having ‘port’ holes for the chain so perhaps wasn’t such a basic question after all! :w00t:


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Lol ~ it’s okayyyy. We know that anyone from Essex needs things explained very sllllowwwly :smiley:

Good luck with the Yammy. And get some ACF50 worked into all that naked chrome fast! After a 6 hour jaunt today, I came home completely caked in a thin layer of salty mud. Will upload photos when I get around to it. Wonder what others make of this kind of mud-spray rain. Gotta clean the bike before the Stormex goes on it :cool: