Motor Cycle Industry Associate - Interview this morning at 11:15am

Hi guys and girls - I’m interviewing the Director of Public affairs at the MCIA this morning - if you have any questions about bikes using bus lanes in london - drop them in this tread and I’ll put it to him…

Read more about the campaign here

Good man, yeah bus lanes - “let us in’em you scurvy dog” or similar !

Took the words right out of my mouth Andrew…

I have one, when will the industry take security on bikes seriously rather then leave the responsability to the riders and purchasers ?

I know its off topic but they should be asked

Hi mate - good question - I’ll ask that question but as it’s off topic he may say he wants to come back to me - on that front perhaps that’s a really good topic for another time… perhaps week after next.


I think that it’s not enough just change the signs alongside the bus lanes. All they did on the ones we can ride up to now is place a little motorbike on the sign. I have seen bikers that didn’t know they could ride on the bus lane communitng with the cage drivers.

My questionnis: Is there any plan to re-educate the drivers to start to look for motorbikes before turn into a bus lane and drop us off? It’s a major traffic change, how will it be promoted?

Hope you got it in time?