Motopsycho Ltd

Motopsycho Ltd
18 Acton Street
London WC1X 9ND
sent my bike there as it was running rough & using to much petrol I told them to service it while they was sorting out the fuelling problems
came back good as new runs sweet & didn’t cost me an arm & leg (unlike the thieving triumph bastard dealers)
he has the full triumph pluggy in thingy
the place looks like a **** hole but looks can deceive
I dropped my bike off in the morning put the keys through the letterbox & picked it up afterwork all done
Edited as I posted it quickly as I got summoned to a meeting
Get directions

020 7837 0472

Took my bike in to get the fuelling sorted as it ran very lumpy & drank petrol like a alkie & give it a service

the bloke is very knowledgeable about triumphs & now the bike rides & gos so much better & he didn’t charge me the earth for it

  • its a five minute walk from work

what about it

I’m going to guess he went there for an MOT and was surprised when they did it in hotpants?

Nope, I think he was surprised that someone charged at him with an axe and a hockey mask…

Oh dear, the thought of Keith in hot pants.


he’s a great mechanic, but, hot pants? No, Groovy, you are a miscreant.

I’ve been called a lot worse!


I agree Keith does a great job at resonable prices.

Only time I’ve ever had cause to question the guys
at Moto-psyco was when they forgot to MOT my SV,
lucky I phoned just in time to get it done that day.

And they only changed 2 spark plugs when they serviced
it, it’s a SV650 K8 (they have four plugs). The mechanic
didn’t believe me, he came and checked the bike and was
then most apologetic.

That was when Keith was on holiday.