Motogp !!

What are those Guys made of !!!

What a race…absolutely awesome !!!

Just the Mutz Nutz !!!

I caught the GP today, those guys are legends… i know it’s a chiché but they looked like warriors out there, reminded me of serious old school fight for honour type stuff… and Pedrosa was nuts… taken straight to hospital after the race :S…what happened to him on Friday ?

Clip[ed his knee on a corner and flipped out - hole in his knee and a couple of broken toes - generally I think he’s a person lacking in any personality or charismas, but respect for coming third!!!

you gotta admire Rossi, the last lap was awesome

Incredible, loved it, on the edge of our chairs! That Ducati… wow…

Shows why the Moto GP is so much better than F1, close racing, bashing fairings (almost) overtaking and no pit stops so strategy has to be worked out on the hoof with what you’ve got.