MotoGP yesterday

Well just got bk frm watching the race yesterday, the atmosphere was totally awesome.They broke the record for the number of people at the circuit…107500 ! One got to see bikes galore frm all over the continent. Really big and horrendous crash in the first corner, Caprisosi underbraked causing Sete’s front end to snag on the rear of his bike which ended up cartwheeling and taking out others…hopper went straight into the barrier while think it was Nakano who did a little dance in the gravel before losing it. Debris everywhere and then they used the medevac chopper for capriosi, think he had internal bleeding took em bout’ 40 mins to start again. Gotta give to Dani…kid fell off his bike 2 times during the race and finally gave up…he’s got spirit! The bikes sound mental , each one has its own distinct sound with Kwak having a definate booming sound while the Prama’c ones’ sound like Harleys on BIIIGGGG steroids! totally enjoyed it …now gotta psyche myself for long flt home…to the guys at the Cubana last wed , u guys are awesome, nice meeting all of ya , sorry showed up real late and missed sum of the others. will post pics of the race once i get bk home.