MotoGP - Valencia - Anyone interested?

Hey, been looking online, and i think we could do the valencia weekend (Thur 23/10 - Sun 26/10), inc flights and accomodation for under £300 - will still need spending money though - anyone partially interested?

This is not a definate trip, just a idea at the moment!

I might be interested in riding down for this, whats the ticket availability like for the actual GP?

I have not got that info as yet - i was looking at flying, not riding!

Two day blast down to Valencia, find a nice spot for the tent, jobs a good’un, Head back through the pyrenese!..

Thats gotta beat Ryanair/SleazyJet.

I’d check for ticket availabilty fellas.

My friend sorts out motoGP tickets and the last few years for valencia have sold very fast.

I was looking into going. Tickets are still available from El Corte Ingles (main Spanish department store) website. Pretty sure you can read the page in English. I have been told its more fun as would be sitting with the locals.
I would be up for going - but I have never been on a long trip on my bike, dont know how to fix or check anything and think I would generally hold things up - so flights better unless my mate from Edinburgh fancies babysitting me on the bike!

I have also heard the campsite is wild so you wont get any sleep and may not want to head back directly on the sunday if going by bike.

I live in Spain (very close to Valencia) and , if anyone is interested, I can easily check out the ticket situation and post local outlets.

Would be great if you can check availability - i am now in doubt wether i will be able to make this one, as work has just chucked a big ass spanner in the works!

Would be helfull for the others who may want to ride down!

it’s a MAYBE at the moment to RIDE down…

How many fuel stops will that need? :slight_smile:

We booked a couple of months ago. Managed to get flights for 50 quid outbound on the Thursday, and 30 quid coming back on the Tuesday. Tickets worked out at about 60 quid, but that includes grandstand seating for the weekend, overlooking the complex before the start/finish straight. It’s true about the camp at Cheste… earplugs are advised, youtube it.

Can’t wait!:smiley:

I’ve just checked the el corte ingles site and there are loads of tickets available.
??? less grandstands are sold out compared to when I looked a month ago so I don’t know if they have released more tickets.

Prices in Euros for weekend grandstand tickets are:
Blue lower 90
Green lower 90
green upper 90
Black balcony 35
Yellow 115
Purple boxes 200
Red lower 70
Red Upper 70
Mapfre box 130
Orange upper 115

this link shows the tickets that are available (disponsibles means available, completo means sold out)

this link shows the circuit map

You can buy tickets online and then collect them using your credit card from one of their stores - there are loads in most towns/cities in Spain. I have bought tickets for festivals in Spain this way before. Plus the tickets are cheaper here than on specific moto gp sites, even with the terrible exchange rate!