MOTOGP Tonight Show 16/09/14

I’m doing the MOTOGP Tonight show again this Tuesday, I also have 4 Tickets if anyone fancies it.

They are free tickets so it’s not exactly a great gift, but as i’m working it then I can’t really use the tickets so may as well offer them up to anyone on here.

It’s at the Olympic Park on Tuesday 16/09/14 and you have to be in the studio for 7pm ready for a 7.30pm start. You park in the westfield shopping centre (or get a Train to Stratford) and then a BT Sport Minibus picks you up from the cow Pub (westfield) and brings you over to the Studio, you can get there anytime from 5:30pm onwards and the bus runs every 10 Mins. There is food and drink in the studio (Alchahol too) also there is a free pool table, Darts & Ping Pong to keep you entertained whilst waiting, Not sure who the guests are yet but they all mingle with the crowd if you get there early enough.

First 4 People to put your name on here gets the tickets, Or if you want all 4 just say. I will need full names of the 4 of you as I will put them on the Guest list when I get there so you just go in and say your name.

Oh ffs and of course I’m working :crazy:

2 tickets for us please mate.

Sold!!! I will add your names to the guest list mate.

2 left now.

Nice one, cheers.

I’m bloody working, typical, can’t get there early enough, oh well, maybe another time.

Balls. Birthday drinks… dammit.

Arh i’m working to! :angry:

Sam tell them to change the time so it would suit us :smiley:

PM sent.

PJ has the last 2 tickets. :smiley:


Bugger just got home …enjoy it

If anyone is still interested, Here is a link to the site that can provide the tickets free of charge.

None of the shows for this season have spaces left, but it’ll be the same format for next season. the last remaining shows are…

30 September – Aragon Review

28th October – Malaysia

11th November – Valencia

I’m working all 3 of them so i will see if i can get another 4 tickets for each show if people are interested but i can’t promise anything as they are very strict on Fire Regs and stuff and don’t over prescribe on ticket allocation.

No Link, I am sure someone will nab the tickets if you get them :slight_smile:

Whoops :slight_smile:

Edited now to include link.

Id love to come to the 30th September Aragon review but on the website it says fully booked well everything is fully booked there! Sam have you got any?

I’ve not got any but nearer the time I may be able to get some.

Is Rossi or Jorge on any of the shows mate :smiley:

I doubt it unfortunately but considering marquez done it then they may want to, and as the last show is the Valencia review it’s not a million miles away :slight_smile: