MotoGP today.

No spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but what an ending.

That was right to the wire.

Def full of ups and downs. Great racing.

Motogp posted spoilers on FB as it unfolded.

Might have been even closer if ya mans bike didn’t start smoking like Jimi Hendrix.

thats one of the saddest things i ever seen.

Jimi Hendrix is back and riding bikes?

Jimi is in the same place as Rossi’s 2016 title hopes.

Fantastic race… do feel a little sorry for Rossi, but Jorge rode a decent race considering his blow up in warm up, and Marquez was just sublime on the outpaced Honda. Brilliant show, and massive respect to all of them.

Race and a half. Catch the highlights on ITV4. They replay it a few times at random times during the day.