MotoGP (spoiler ish so avoid if you haven't watched yet)

MotoGP, stunning lottery based race

Stoner’s comment - “your ambition far outweighs your talent”, Rossi deserved that big time… the Ducati folded the front YET again… seems like they STILL can’t set up a competitive bike. (footnote, Rossi may really regret this decision).

Could this be the final proof that the Ducati is NOT a good bike after all… the only one to tame it LEFT for Honda… NO ONE ELSE has throttled that stroppy unmanageable bitch in yet after how many years?

And for those of you lookin for a scrap cos you’re Ducatisti or whatever, Hayden coaxing her round is not enough of a winning argument…

apparently the Ducati has much better grip in wet conditions

folding the front in that pass wasnt really to do with the Duke’s crap manners this time, was more a mistake by Rossi who might have been on for a very good result

he saw red when he saw how close he had got to stoner, bit of a banzai move in the wet and he was at fault - may have worked in the Dry on a yamaha though

good fun race to watch until they all spread out again - so disappointed for Simo and Edwards; Spies will come good soon

was impressed with Lorenzo and he had never won in the wet before - the rears were a right mess at the end

Can’t agree with that.

Very stupid move from Rossi, was far too risky with all factors taken into account…

but that was a stupid statement from a constant whinger.

Although I thought the Marshalls treatment was rough for everyone apart from Rossi…

It goes to show his global appeal…even after pulling off that type of move, they all wanted to help him and leave Stoner to himself…:wink:

I’d say he folded the front because he pushed the tyre FAR too much whilst braking, so I guess Bridgestone would be to blame if anything for not making a tyre that can perform miracles!

He also came back to 5th which is fairly impressive having crashed, and riding on worn out wets. Can’t say anything bad about the Ducati’s handling myself based on that showing.

P.S. The Pramac’s don’t count, seems like their job is coming off to give some entertainment…

Immediately after the race Rossi went into the Honda
pits, still with his crash helmet on, sensible move :slight_smile:

Stoner, shakes Rossi by the upper arms, “something
wrong with the shoulder?”.

We don’t hear Rossi, he’s still wearing his hat.

Stoner, “Your ambition outweighs your talent”.

At which point Rossi should have presented Stoner
with a big pile of cheese sarnies :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and someone mentioned the marshals helping Rossi
as opposed to Stoner, well the bikes were on top of Rossi
at the time, Stoner was several meters away, in no danger.

…of winning the race as no-one was helping him!

It was a bit optimistic of Rossi passing like that but you don’t win 9 world championships without taking a few chances.
He knows he won’t get many shots at passing Casey this season so had to go for it…

These racers really don’t like eachother do they. Stoner had all that time to compose himself… and yet he tried the sarcastic angle…and then when that fell flat he tried the line he had been rehearsing in his head for the last half hour…and we all know that never works! Sort of amusing but considering the circumstances not brilliant psychology from Stoner going into the next race.

Since no-one’s posted the pic yet…


+1 to this.

I actually thought facepalm when he said it … it isn’t a witty response if you’ve had half an hour to think about it. Worse than this though - I doubt very much it was even his own line - you know someone else in the garage said it, and he stole it for himself :stuck_out_tongue:

Rossi ‘wasn’t trying to pass Stoner’ !

you are right in that someone else said it first. it was indeed a certain mr V.Rossi, who used the same line to stoner when he first got onto the LCR honda (and he rode the shit out of that too) for trying to hard and falling off. funny how things come around really eh? i was watching it on tv with my flatmate and both of us couldnt believe the way rossi was riding in those first few laps. he was riding like a rookie with a point to prove, not a 9 time world champion. my flatmate is as big a rossi fan as you will ever find, and he even said, and i quote, “what a prick” after rossi took casey out. also rossi not taking his helmet off when he apologised was fairly poor, he had plenty of time to do so

Good point. Also the fact that they have, for all intents and purposes, swapped bikes from a few seasons back - or at least it is now Rossi’s turn (to try) to tame the Ducati beast.
I wish Valé luck and have no doubt that he will master it eventually being such a top rider, but he is a bit of a chav - especially with the earring :wink: