MotoGP Malaysia £4.30

I guess it was a sort of adventure,whislt on holiday in Thailand i nipped over to Malaysia for the day just to watch the race. Very hot is an understatement, i got sunburnt even though i was sitting under a covered grandstand. Boring race too. 3 day ticket in a modern venue with grandstand seating was £4.30p

£4.30!!! Worth getting sunburnt for I reckon :smiley:

cool, what was the atmosphere like?

doesnt look so good on the telly, a bit like qatar, i.e. only the tourists and rich locals can afford to go

Bloody hell :slight_smile:

they sell the tickets at this price so that the seats are all full of locals for the tv. i reckon that as more foriegners (us) start turning up over the next couple of years, the prices will increase.

what to a fiver:w00t: