MotoGP coverage...

Ok, so I’ve been anxiously waiting all day for the limited amount of coverage from Losail, only to switch to the appropriate channel to find that it isn’t showing because the BBC in all its wisdom has decided to show the golf, even though the same thing is being shown on BBC2!!! :angry:

I’m sick and tired of being f**ked over by the idiots at the BBC! What the hell do we pay a fee for?
You would think, considering they allocated 3 hours of airtime for a 16 minute Boat Race, that they would be able to show a couple of hours of MotoGP footage over the weekend! :crazy:

As mentioned in this thread there is a complaints procedure. I strongly recommend that as many people as possible should complain, and highlight how infuriatingly stupid these window licking fucktards really are!!! :angry: :pinch:

Complaints form can be filled in online here…

Rant over!..

Sit down with a cup of tea before you have a heart attack :w00t:

It’s all on the red button … I’m watching it now

not on iplayer that I can find either

Not iPlayer.“Sports MultiScreen” or something like that on the red button.

I tried that when it was advertised at 2200hrs and got nothing but the Masters.
Why isn’t it just screened on regular BBC channels like all other sport? And even then, they are only showing the main qualifier and race. Not showing the 125 or Moto2 races, except as a replay of it all in the stupidly late hours of the night.I stand by what I said, that the person who has allocated the time slots is a complete fucktard! :wink:

The main event is on BBC3 tonight.

Yup, bbc3 tonight 20:45hrs.

Your licence fee is for that fukcwit dirtbag jonathan ross, and that’s why I, for one, will not pay it:angry:

i just pay the 30 quid a year and watch it all on euro sport player…

WSB BSB and MOTO GP and you a good commentary team… :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 and its well worth the money:cool:

True all of the above, but I watched the whole thing online on the BBC… OK, with almost 100 years of broadcasting experience, they still din’t have the camera savvy to get a shot of THE LEAD RIDER IN THE RACE CRASHING OUT… but the shots of the guys (aka the losing riders) at the back were really good…I particularly liked reading the names of their sponsors and considered buying their products BEFORE I CAME TO MY SENSES!

Someone kill the Sports editors of every British media outlet… either that or have the bit that’s obsessed with football surgically removed, so that they start to use their heads again…

it took me a while to realise that it was showing on BBC 3. As mentioned Eursport show it also (but not until the BBC finish showing it), it will be on earlier iin the day in two weeks time and there will be no conflicting sports so fingers crossed it should be trepeated on BBC2 around middayish.

just called home to double check it had all recorded on sky+ (other hard drive recording gadgets available)

Dad said…"son im very sorry, our new TV has died already!! WTF!!! I was still happy though becuase sky would have stilled recorded it and i would have watched when the TV is fixed/replaced. But Dad unplug everything! Whoops.:w00t:

Glad its on bbc3 though, is it just for an hour? I like watching all the build up and chat, although from what everyone is saying, I havent missed much…

I’ve complained.

Watching it on the web isn’t an option for me - and to be honest, I don’t see why I should have to sit in my office to watch it on my computer even if I could.

They were supposed to be showing all the qualifying - 125cc, Moto2 and MotoGP - and then all the races on the red button. What did we get? Golf.

5150 is not happy.

I can’t stand the BBC coverage of this sport, but sure it is not their cameramen…it’s all licensed/filmed by Dorna. Eurosport had no footage of Stoner’s crash either.

Can you watch it live on Eurosport player when you’ve paid? (cable has it delayed, only 125 and Moto2 live)



I buy the Hi Rez pass from the MotoGP website…it kicks ass…and I like Gavin and Nick…they do a great job with the commentary.

I won’t even get started on how bullshit it must be to pay a “licensing fee” to watch the over the air television. :crazy:

Better than giving money to Rupert Murdoch.

Plus the programming on TV and Radio is generally of a high standard and a lot is original content, something that Sky doesn’t do very much of, it usually “steals” series that the other free channels have taken a risk on purchasing that have proved popular.

My opinion of Murdoch is around the same level of politicians.

Since when has Murdoch owned Eurosport???:wink:

Well given that if you either get cable or satellite money goes to him.

Not if it goes to Sir Richard Branson it don’t :wink: