motogp championship

well the rossi v stoner poll was interesting but with a little hindsight not fair on the other contenders eh?

the next race is going to be a complete and utter belter!
Rossi and Lorenzo both consider it to be THEIR track, oh sweet jaysus its going to be brill! :smiley:

Reckon the new Honda engine could stir things up a bit

its all coming together!

rossi getting his bridgestone setup and experience right
pedrosa getting a faster bike (well hopefully soon)
lorenzo healing and getting (can you believe it) more confident on the bigger bike
and even Stoner managed to find a slightly better setup at a circuit unsuited to the desmo

its a brilliant contest to watch, got me donnington tickets sorted :smiley:

on other thread at start of season i said

how happy am i to be wrong wrong wrong!! :D:D

season is hotting up. question is…does JT need to chill out or was it just a unavoidable racing incident? I say keep riding hard and the results will come :cool: (hopefully)

Poor Toseland got a bit unlucky, I think he was trying another Jerez move on Dovi and only half wheeled him before the door got closed. I don’t think Dovi knew he was there so it was just a racing incident.

Lorenzo to get even more cocky? I think someone doesn’t like Lorenzo :smiley:

This is more like the kind of championship you wanna see. 3 point between 3 riders and they all are not fond of each other. I can’t wait till Mugello

Dont really care how wins, but am taking pleasure watching stonner struggle and rossi back on form :stuck_out_tongue: it sure is shaping up to be a good year :smiley:

So many good riders and bikes out there at the moment, so many potential race winners :w00t:

Dont think stonner/ducati have got quite enough this year so i recon its rossi, pedrosa or lorenzo

don’t like his personality one bit, like a certain Roman [email protected] :wink:
but have mucho respecto for his amazing skills!

still waiting for Edwards to convert good qualifying into decnt race results ie WIN, he’s much more relaxed in the tech 3 team and always smiling unlike some miserable scrotes (stoner) :smiley:

that would be one of the most popular wins ever! :slight_smile:

I would absolutely love to see Edwards get that first MotoGP win. I couldn’t believe it when he came off in the last chicane at Assen in '06.

Only doubt I have is some guys can put in a good lap in qualifying, but when the chips are down in the race there are only ever four guys that seem to run at the front. Maybe Assen '08 can be where he breaks his streak.

I agree, seeing Edwards win would be great. I’m not sure about JT though. I didn’t think he deserved the stick he got for being too aggressive at the beginning of the season, but that move on Dovi may have been a little optimistic. Dovi was lucky to not be taken out.Can’t believe Lorenzo’s performance though. I can see why some people may not like him, but to get 2nd place after falling to 11th after 1 lap, with the injuries he’s suffering from, that’s world champ material.

All the rookies this year are top class.

Since reading Rossi’s autobiography on holiday (thanks secret santa):wink: I have a better understanding of how his head works.

He relishes the challenge and is not happy to sit there season after season with a winning team unlike Doohan.

I have a great deal of respect for “George”, the poor bloke had to be lifted onto his bike bless him.:slight_smile:

Dovizioso will be one to watch next season methinks:cool:

My 50p is going on Rossi to clinch it this season after a late charge by Pedrosa:cool:

must get around to reading his autobio, had it on the shelf for ages now!

it would be amazing if he went to the kwaks/suzuki for his last couple of years and managed to turn them around too, but thats hoping for too much eh? :slight_smile: