MotoGP Assen - A Wide Open Race (Spoiler contained within)

I never thought I’d find myself cheering for Colin Edwards, but today I was! Damn the result.

Also a real shame for Casey Stoner to miss out on a podium - but at least he didn’t crash today!

Hofmann certainly didn’t impress on the Ducati. Will he have the rider next week?

Full Race report -

Truly amazing spectacle! And he got back on for 12th. But why did he turn too early? Never seen a racer do that. Suppose he was going twice as fast as he should’ve been hehe, but still!

Gripping stuff as ever. Mr Ecclestone, are you watching?

Maybe he had some target fixation and followed Hayden, who also went wide? Apparently that astroturf is like ice, so although Hayden managed to bounce through the gravel, Edwards got launched!

I was genuinely gutted for him. He’s normally always smiling and comes across as a nice bloke. I can only imagine how much his first GP win would have meant, especially considering he’s a two times WSB Champion.

Edwards deserved that win, he’s been in GP’s for a while now and has been chipping away, learning the craft. He made a boo-boo with that mistake though, being phased by the pressure of another rider who wants first place, and running wide. That’s what Sete does!

All respect for not settling for second place though. And to come back from so far back in the last lap after mucking up an earlier corner was impressive! It was nice to see all his team crowding round and applauding him when he came in.

Yeah, and that result may make the difference between a ride next year or not! Scary.

I particularly like the pic of him smashing the remains of his screen as he crossed the line. Would’ve liked to take that picture.