MotoGP Aragon. spoilers within

holy crap, who saw that coming?
Cal looked like a pig in crap at the end, such a shame he couldn’t grab 2nd, that would’ve been amazing from the last corner.
I reakon Pedrosa thought he could ride until Marquez came in, didn’t realise that Marquez didn’t plan to ever come in!
I think the lack of Marquez’ experience in the wet was the key here. if he’d come in 6 from the end when he should have done, he would have been unstoppable.

What a race!!

I loved it, Iannone’s crash was spectacular!! the bike was like 30 foot in the air!!! I think both Pedrosa and Marquez are 100% at fault for that, they should’ve pulled in the lap after they see that Lorenzo did. I think the fact he had around a 60 second lead once Lorenzo went in and only 4 laps left he Thought he could pootle it home and still take the win.

Link available

I have the edited version on ITV4 to look forward to later this eve’. I’ve seen highlights and it looks like a good’n :smiley: