What a race!

I just tried catching up with Assen, bloody Sky stopped recording at the scheduled time, not when the program actually finished!

What a lap from Cal, can’t wait to be there tomorrow

V jealous. Anyone know a pub in Covent Garden that might show it? Or nearby, preferably south.

Qualifying was good today. What time is everyone planning to be there? 

What a lap from Cal, can't wait to be there tomorrow Tromboman
And from Sam Lowes......the BBC did not even mention him and only a brief comment about Cal

I’m told the bike shed are showing it

Could be a good one. Enjoy. I’ll be keenly looking out for the report!

well that was a turn up for the books!

good write up from Mat Oxley on shake-ups this season, I recommend subscribing to his blog.

Cal winning Philip Island by 4 odd seconds!! Rossi from 15th on the grid to 2nd on the podium!  What a race!

much the same as Brno, Rossi was 12th into the first corner and worked up to 2nd by the end 

or even last season at Valencia ?? where Rossi started at the back - due to the Marquez incident and everyone let him pass !!