MotoGP '08

Capcom finally have the licence for all platforms, so no more stoopid differences between different machines (we hope).

And its looking rather nice…

will be buying this straight away, the screenshot previews make SBK08 look perfectic

Anyone know if the new CAPCOM made MotoGP 08 has got the Extreme Mode like the THQ one had?

dont think so but i have heard it may have the 125/250 championships?

will buy it once i have got through Dead Space anyway

Do you mean Perfect or Pathetic ?

LOL pathetic, that would be my typing mistake and firefox auto-correcting it wrong :smiley:

I’ve just got a copy for the x box 360… sadly it’s a christmas present for no 1 son, so Wendy won’t let me play with it… not even to make sure it works:(

Just got this with a PS3. Blimey it’s addictive.