Motogearzone shop

Hi everyone!
I’m new here, so i hope I’ve created a topic in the right place…
I recently been searching for a new helmet and I’ve found online shop called “motogearzone”, which had great offers! 70% off!
In first moment it sounds great, but on the other hand you’re asking yourself why everysingle item is discounted? How they making profit?
It was a bit doggy for me so I’ve checked their address. I couldn’t find this address in London, it just doesn’t exist. Also i couldn’t find them on as registered business.
Did anyone know anything about them? Is it trusted shop or scammers?

Too many possibilities

Old adage is, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

If you can’t easily find address / contact details for them, it’s a big red flag.

Not finding them on gov website not necessarily an issue as their website /trading name is not the same as company name. But you should be able to.find trading details on website.

It could be they have old stock, they bought from places others couldn’t sell.

But then that presents its own issues. If it’s old, is it still safe? Helmets have a shelf life…

Personally I’d stay clear and buy from a reputable site

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