Motocross - tips needed

On Wednesday I am having a go at Motocross, never done it before - always riden road bikes. Any tips on how to ride etc and not fall off, I just have visions of me breaking something before day is out.

I have to have a kids bike as not tall enough for the adults :blush:

Ha, ha.

I love MX, got the opposite problem - gorilla like. Just be strong, commit and leave your balls at home. Dont be afraid to stand on your pegs and run your feet over the ground. :smiley:

yes last two points are good, be gentle with the front brake too, keep all your wieght up front almost sitting on the tank.

above all have fun! falling off isnt too bad, you my find you get arm pump, forearms go solid! its normal! and drink plenty of water off road riding is hard work:)

oh and were are you doing it? i mgith have rode there at some point

So you’ve never done Motocross then Ratty :smiley:

i have actually at a few places…used to green lane in kelvedon hatch in essex…rode off road in wales too, 5 days camping and green laning, great fun!!

thast how i used to ride, i never broke any bones, bit bashed up now n again but it was kool! :slight_smile:

i know your lad done MX maybe you can offer some tips instead of takign the ****:smiley:

Thanks for the tips.

Ratty - Place in Ipswich Geoff Mayes Motorcross try out day.

I much prefer taking the p1ss :wink:

i noticed! why you bought a pan werent it:P

kool, not been there, let us know how ya get on, how much was it for the day>?

They will more than likely have some guys there to show you the ropes.

£110 for the day and they provide the bikes and all the kit needed, 14 of us doing it - as usual I am the only girl (should be used to that with the track days)

Do you know what bikes you’ll be on?

Kawasaki’s but I will only be on a little 80cc as to small, and I have to wear kids stuff, at least I don’t get to share my bike like the others.

you want to adopt a standing position while riding, toes on pegs, clamp the tank with your knees and have legs slightly bent to allow you to put weight on your amrs.

Stay smooth on the throttle if you encounter any jumps, this will stop the front shooting up or the back trying to over take you in mid-air.

other than that. enjoy it,

wish i could get back to racing my mx bike again, let us know how you get on.

Wow what a great day I had, was really nervrous first as different to my bike, but soon got the hang off it, and was straight off putting my leg out and leaning away from bike, didn’t take me long to go on the bike track with all the jumps and by afternoon I was jumping over all the jumps and getting the back out round the corners.

I love the table jump in the end I was just going faster each time to it to see how high I could get, scaryiest jump was one with a blind drop only about 2/3 ft but felt more when coming down even got air over that. At one time there was 3 of us getting air over the table jump at same time - cool.

I did get voted the noisiest person out there, as once I had started to get air over the jumps - some of the guys were waiting to go out and all they could hear was me whooping and screaming - at least they know I was having fun.

And I didn’t come off either, want to go again.

Sounds like you had a wicked time, its pretty addictive eh. So you gonna go out an buy a MX bike? You should try some supermoto next. :smiley:

It’s quite tempting to get a MX bike, will def give it another go.

Definitively give supermoto a go too. Last year I tried speedway - great fun but I’m way to big for it. Think I’ll stick with MX and Supermoto, and the occasional track day :smiley: