Moto King's different personalities

Slow down, I’m losing count!

I think he’s trying to make a come back as someone who isn’t quite such a bell end and we should leave him to it rather than questioning it/pointing it out … he’s doing quite well so far :hehe:

Why would I need to do that rob infact I forgot all about you until u just piped up again u wasteman sappy little mug

Jog on. If your refering to Badboy/TheTreatment then yeah He my pal but it ain’t me.

Dont worry I’m watching and still around rob…see you about mate

Bless you and Millwall for their performance today. But not the LB quote reply as it’s ****.

Oh and I didn’t mention Badboy.

Mk is the man of many names
i enjoyed his time as Mr brightside :smiley: long live the king

I kinda feel honored that you started a thread about me Rob the Nob. I am a legend on this forum and always will be. I am like Muhammed Ali.

I am glad you all recognize that there will only ever be one King on here. Me I’m glad I made it…i’m the worlds greatest.

Im in the LB hall of fame.

Love ya all ladies. To all my homies and ones that we lost along the way. RIP Biggy smalls,2pac keep it real. Westside for life…


Being honest I sometimes have too many beers and feel like taking the piss. On all of the forums I’m a member of there’s a Moto King and they’ve all had a thread dedicated to them tonight. I probably won’t remember tomorrow morning.

I always get confused between Rob C, Fireblade Rob and my brother in law (plus also there is a Fireblade Paul which adds to the mix). Can you Robs enlighten me?:smiley: I get mixed up between you all (epescially after a few glasses of wiine on a Saturday evening) :slight_smile:

Try to keep up Hels, We`re ahead of the game and if you need covert surveillance or security contact [email protected] they come highly recommended.:wink:

Thanks Jets (BTW re [email protected] - I prefer Guinea Pigs or Netherland Dwarf Rabbits to Ferrets - do you think this might work or should i just have a lie down and some smelling salts? )

magic mushrooms

The King, in his own lunch box maybe…


I’m Fireblade Rob. I own a Fireblade and am called Rob:D Just checked my topics and saw this, I must have been well sozzled last week as i don’t remember this. No sleep lost.

That’s okay Rob. You’re the very good looking Rob who shows up at Blackheath lol :D, then there is Rob C who is in the army so I gather, my brother in law who isn’t Rob at all but Robby, and Paul who owns a Fireblade.

Working out all this is a bit confusing…

The rest is now edited as I was rambling on about remakes of Dr Zhivago after two glasses of wine, which was not very interesting for anyone :D:D

I think Illz stole that glory from you a long long time ago…

F>>ck Motorking, the wineker is back.

word brother :smiley:

oh you big softies…:laugh: