Yes you did :slight_smile: That was a while ago, I get recognised alot due to that silly hat :smiley:

here is another clip:D

You naughty Mad-Dog!:smiley:

It’s ok as short people taking the p*ss out of other peoples shortness is funny :smiley:


So the tall person who asked “where’s Mini-Moto this morning?” is just a rude tnuc then?:smiley:

No mate, as they’re just a short person with longer legs & body.

Unless it was you of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I’d just be a rude tnuc, right!:smiley: Moto, (note I didn’t call you Mini…yet!), you know I dont have the brains to come up with owt as funny (or as simple) as that so it were’t me. Naturally I did giggle my a$$ off, but litt…oh no, I cant say that can I?:smiley: