moto gp

this is a fantastic race - rossi pedrosa battle is unreal

twas good

Great, eh! Reminds me of Rossi & Gibernau! I’m very surprised though that Rossi’s M1 out-powers Pedrosa’s RCV! Especially considering the weight difference between the riders!

Rossi fans tend to go on about the Honda’s superior straight line speed.

I tend to think they’ve been pretty close since half-way through his for Yam season.

Rossi has been more succesful on the Yam at faster tracks TBH.

i dont believe it outpowers it - i think he outrides pedrosa(being a newb - in a year or two i think pedrosa will be champ)

It was a wicked race Rossi came second and hes still the GUY.

Pedrosa is cool but I think if you put him on the Yamaha he would soon learn how hard the Doctor has to ride that bike just to get it across the line and on the podium, the Honda is a much better put together bike.

My rider of the future is Casey Stoner on a factory bike

watching the rossi/pedrosa duel was amazing, I wonder how much it will affect pedrosa - having a faster bike but being beaten soundly by a guy who appears to have bottomless reserves of speed. He must be wondering what he has to do to beat Rossi, personally I dont think we will ever see anybody do it - Valentino is just leagues ahead of the rest.

I am going to Valencia to watch the finale, getting more and more excited about it day by day…

Great to see the Rossi and Pedrosa in a showdown and watching Rossi have to dig deep. I don`t think Pedrosa will be too phased by finishing behind him as it was so close and this is after all his rookie season and has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with for the future.

Unlike a lot of other riders he seems unaffected by Rossi`s mind games and is mentally so strong. Looking forward to many more battles between them.

Ill be seeing and hearing the Moto GP bikes in the flesh for the first time at Valencia, cant wait, see you soon mate, hope you managed to get decent tickets for us.

The showdown between the two has been all season coming, and, for the short time it lasted it was a great spectacle.

Why oh why did they not show the battle behind, it was way more interesting. I would really have liked to see hayden getting stuffed up on the last lap.

Capriossi was a man posessed. If he hadn’t been injured he may well have been challenging for the championship, personally, I think he would have. I predicted the Ducati to go well at the start of the season.

Young Danny has hauled points on Hayden, shame he didn’t actually get past Rossi to get the extra ones but never mind. He is now only 24 behind. In an already stunningly great motorcycle racing career, I can see him being a world champion, if not this year then he must stand a good chance next one if the kit is up to scratch.

Bad news for young Bradley Smith in the 125’s though, he slid off in practice. The bike was on his arm as he slid off the track and over the kerbs, he now has a broken arm and didn’t get to race because of it. Hope he heals soon and gets some more points before the season end.

Tell you what though I dont think many people like Pedrosa that much, did any one see Pedrosa getting congratulated by either Rossi or Caparossi because I didn’t.

But to be fair Pedrosa is going to be the force to reckon with, in the up and coming final rounds. It has been said many times before that Hayden can not cut the mustard when it is needed, yes he has had a great season but has he got the bottle??

Personally I would like to see much more track fighting between Pedrosa and Rossi…