Moto GP - Sepang (Rossi in 7th)

This will be another interesting race with long straights, another non yamaha track i think.

Nice to see Capirossi on form, good to see him doin well. Come On Shakey, 18th… Although First actual Race on the Camel Honda so let’s see how he does!! Good Luck all, especially Shakey…


Can’t wait for that! The beer is already cold and sofa is getting warmed by the cat… lol

Well nice to see a bit of action between Capirossi and Valentino, also a bit of competition between Checa and Hayden. Shakey well what can I say… not bad, but not good either! Let’s see how he does next week for sure of his capabilities with Camel Honda… was a good race all-in-all… After a bad week in motegi Hayden done surprisingly well today!


Great result, good race. Well done to Val for clinching the title. Well done to Loris, now i still would love to see Val on that bike and win in italy, that would be worth the trip out there. Well done to Shakey, at least he was out there having a go, the more time he can get on the bike hopefully the better he will do.

He’s done a superb job for sure, but wow, I’m more impressed with Little-Loris! That guy has muchos gusto! Really pleased to see the Ducati coming along in development, I just hope it’s not a fluke with two Bridgestone-only tracks. I’m not normally one to cheer on Ducati for the way they made WSB boring for a few years, but this adds something to the mix!

I dream at night, of Rossi signing with Suzuki, and being the first rider to go back-to-back with three manufacturers for the title, develop the GSVR, and kick some butt! Shame it’s only a dream.

Now, that’s what I would call a dream jay! Even Rossi can’t do that in one year. maybe in a couple of seasons and loads of money? On the other hand, on a Kawasaki perhaps…

The Kawasaki would just go bang, as it always does!

Not in green they dont. Felt really sorry for Nakano being taken out by Gibbers.

Well done to Rossi for no 7. And well done to Capirossi to - he was so consistent throughout the race and made the least amount of errors compared to any other rider. Hope Shakey does better in the next race.

Umm, Motegi, two weeks ago? Green kwak went bang then! :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, I’m only jesting, it’s not like I can stand up and proclaim Suzuki to be all things wonderful in MotoGP! They’re pretty naff actually.

I think that they should definetely try it on black!

They were pretty bad last season but not this season. I think kawasaki’s problem is more about their riders not taking each other out like in motegi.

Kawasaki’s problem is; they’re paying Hoffman good money to ride a good bike, when he rides badly. They need to send him to the job centre and get a rider who can cut the mustard. Shinya’s had bad luck and I was pissed off that Giblets knocked him out of the race. Kawasaki could do worse than to look at Shakey Byrne, though with any luck Camel Honda will take him on for next year and drop Troy. So maybe they should look at Chaz Davies instead

Nakano has already resigned for Kwak so i wonder who will be the second kwak rider as i agree Hoffman needs to be handed his p45.

Rumour has it that gibbers will be at ducati next season and Bayliss will be back to WSB.

With Movistar pulling out of Moto GP and supporting Alonso in F1, will there be a new team?

Anyways after this season ends there will be months of rumours flying about but i want to know who will be where and what bike (and schemes and mechanical & visual changes) next season now!!!

Rumours of a factory LB team aren’t to be ruled out at this early stage. “If it’s blue, it’s faster than you!”

Im first in line so i shotgun a ride but in my contract it says the bike must be the faster colour (not pink before anyone says it!!).

Jay, you got it wrong again - substitute blue with GREEN.


Watch it sunny!!!