Moto GP round 1 at 11.30 !

Hope you all remembered that it’s today at 11.30 on BBC2

Yep on Sky plus

No results till I’ve seen it please

Ive not forgotten I have been looking forard to this for weeks. Not too sure about Rossi and his fiat paint job. But hey that aint gonna stop him winning it this year

I’ve still not got a telly. Doh! I expect running commentaries direct to mobile phone, please

Only the opening round of the MotoGP season could get me out of bed at 5 am on a Saturday.

I’ve got the race on…fired up!

Good race and great to see **********.

{edit - soz mate but no spoilers eh? Mebbe post up result type entries in the race section? - Andrew&7 }

not the greatest race but still was very interesting to see the new bikes out and on track as they are ridden very differently. Watching the front two was fascinating seeing how there breaking was different and when they got on the throttle, they were completely different. The straight line speed of the ************** was amazing.


I didnt forget that it was yesterday, so set the video up, just went to watch it, and numb nutz here just found out that he set the video up for today!!! Such a dildo!


your not alone , i had to work yesterday .

went to watch it today , and the tape was no good only got to see the last

5 laps!!!.

Sounds as though they were potentially the best laps though.

Is it me or is this just gonna make Ducati’s EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE THAN EVER!!!
I want them to lose for long enough that the price comes down DAMMIT!