Moto GP racing tonight

From the Moto GP website.

MotoGP Qatar race to be run on Monday Sunday, 12 April 2009

A rare rainstorm at the Losail International Circuit on Sunday evening saw the first MotoGP race of the year put back to Monday at 9pm local time.

After the season-opening Commercialbank Grand Prix of Qatar was interrupted by rain on Sunday evening the MotoGP race had to be postponed and will now be run on Monday evening at 9pm local time, with an additional warm-up session beforehand at 6.30pm.

After shortened 250cc and 125cc races earlier in the evening the heavy rainstorm in the Arabian desert at 11pm on Sunday evening made it unsafe for the MotoGP riders to go out onto the 5.380km floodlit circuit.

Will we be able to see it on TV?

Neither Eurosport or the BBC have updated their tv listings as yet but i would like to think that the BBC will have to show it seeing as they are officially televising the series. Eurosport do have a 10pm slot already in place which i would assume was to show a replay of the race so could put it in there.

Fingers crossed though eh.

At present the cable listings show a repeat of a previous series episode of Doctor Who on BBC3, which is obviously much more important.

BBC MotoGP page says it’s on red button interactive. Shows how seriously they take the sport really.

Thats what happens when someone gets paid in advance…

They probably didnt have any cut tyres with them either, as Qatar normally gets 5 days of rain a year.


18:45 on the BBC red button :slight_smile:

and LIVE on eurosport 2 at 18:45

We’ll be out this evening at Foxes Diner (Biker’s cafe) so will watch it on eurosports version of iplayer later. £3.99 for a month…unlimited access to all sports! :smiley:

Nice one!!! Look forward to it, just got to finish the DIY by then.

BBC Sport apparently offered Eurosport a one-off contract to show it live as they knew they couldn’t do it themselves. Sensible thinking from the Beeb, whatever next? :slight_smile:

well done fellas, timer set:D