Moto GP Not On Eurosport as of Next Year

Lifted from another forum:

Not sure if you knew already or not but Dorna Sports are not going to be continuing with British Eurosport next year instead showing it on the BBC

So instead of 3 awesome, passionate, knowledgeable, personable comentators (Toby Moody, Julian Ryder and Randy Mamola) and exceptional coverage including all free practices and qualifying we’ll get the dull trio of Steve parish, suzy perry (who doesnt know f all, **** commentator and not even fit) and that dick head australian bloke with **** coverage - what will they do on F1 days as they have the coverage for that too next year!!???

Anyway, if you want to keep Moto GP on Eurosport and with the best 3 comentators in the business please sign this petition…

there is also a facebook page …

yeah this rumour was going around earlier this year
unfortunately it appears to have some weight to it

bugger :crying:
i refuse to listen to the crap beeb commentators; so will have to watch with the sound off now

It’s true:

Not sure how much I’ll watch next year.

At least you don’t have to sit through adverts at crucial moments…

i might have to provide details on how to use peer-2-peer TV software
it does mean you will have Oz or Chinese commentators of course :smiley:

will try to track what happens to the eurosport team, they dont deserve this kick in the teeth

thats all the beeb coverage is good for!

I’d rather watch with the sound down than listen to Steve Parrish and Co.:smiley:

I am glad something is still stay on free TV!! well done to the BBC, gutted when BSB left this year TO GO TO PAY tv

I’d rather have commentators who knew their stuff.

Oh; and I’d rather have coverage of practice, qualifying and the 125 and 250 races.

I just hope the beeb get Julian Ryder on the firm. He’s a legend :slight_smile:

+1 :smiley:

Rather than having a petition to stop it moving could we start one that says the BBC can only have the coverage if they take Toby, Julian and Randy as the commentary team?

The can sack the current team, Parrish is as boring as watching paint dry, and the Australian [email protected] just makes my blood boil!! :crazy:

Suzi can stay on for a bit of eye candy if necessary… :wink:

Why bother?

Just watch it on the beeb for free and turn the sound down… :rolleyes:

+1 Turn the sound down, blast some good choons and crack open some beers. Problem sorted as far as I’m concerned.

Wont see any of the 125 or 250 races I wouldnt have thought unless they show it all on another of the BBC channels

BBC already show the practice/qualifying at some rounds on BBCi… maybe they’ll be doing the same next year,or putting them on BBC3. I actually watch MotoGP on BBC now… I hate the adverts - they normally come at the most inoportune moment…The commentary doesn’t bother me, I can’t hear it above the kids anyway:)

just doesn’t feel right without the eurosport team
so i’ll watch via the net or download out of principle and support for the old team

just signed the petition:)

Do you honestly believe a bunch of signatures on an internet petition is going to make one bit of difference to a multi million pound business decision?

Waste of pixels;):smiley:

To be honest I’d be sorry to see people lose their jobs, but I’d rather see the Eurosport presenters go over the BBC lot. I can’t stand them.

Parrish is a top bloke IMO…Met him at Silverstone track day last year testing a new R1 whilst having a broken leg.

The Aussie bloke I find ok too, can be quite funny.

I kinda agree that the petition is wasted bandwidth aswell…:hehe: