Motivational Poster: Women riders.

What a Boob… :smiley:

Most of us have fallen off (or are going too) so I guess we can take the p1ss. ;):hehe:

Agreed - especially as we will most probably be wearing a helmet, gloves, boots, leathers, be on the correct side of the road… etc. etc. etc.

hahaha twat. gender regardless. still a twat

On closer inspection of the breast area, the L/H mirror has already been knocked off so I’m guessing its not her first time…

UNLESS - the boobs have been photoshopped in there and the artworker removed the mirror… Hmm…

Also a little bit disappointed in the creators spelling of “Back”… if your going to take the ****, spell it right!

Can u tell I have lots to do today…? :stuck_out_tongue:

thats outside the ace, did anyone see it, also i hope she ok but i must say … hahaha wolly!

Im never ever ever ever ever going to try show off outside the ace, what the guys playing up don’t realise is we are not watching to admire your skill we are watching to see how long it take you to smash up your pride and joy!

Leave the stunts to the masters!!

+1 Rix :smiley:



This was about 5 summers ago, I remember seeing everyone running over and crowding round like they do when someone hits the deck didnt actually see it happen but saw the footage that someone posted up later of the stupid bint :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember this too, too much gas away from the roundabout, highsided, IIRC!:ermm:

Haha, I remember this aswell!!:smiley: